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A Greek government request for EP involvement in the regular review of the country’s third loan programme is to be discussed on Thursday at a meeting of the President and political group chairs. In the committees, members are to discuss migration and vote on the use of genetically modified food and on the next year’s EU budget. Parliament’s political groups also prepare for the plenary, including Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker's first State of the European Union speech and debate. (Read more: EP this week: Greece, migration crisis, GMOs and budget 2016 )


Being an MEP involves more than just debating and voting on legislative proposals. They can be tasked with drawing up a report to represent the Parliament's position on a legislative proposal or any other matter. They can also act as group coordinators in a committee, follow the progress of a legislative report or be in charge of preparing an opinion on a proposal. Read on to find out more about the different responsibilities MEPs are able to take on in the European Parliament. (Read more: From rapporteur to coordinator: the different roles taken on by MEPs )


Countries such as Italy and Greece dealing with an influx of asylum seekers should receive more support from other member states, MEPs said on a delegation visit to the Italian island of Sicily from 22 to 24 July. “Italy spends over €1 billion every year just to take care of those who make it across the Mediterranean. Italy’s borders are the EU's borders and a better management of the migratory flows is our common responsibility,” said French ALDE member Jean Arthuis, co-chair of the delegation. (Read more: Migration: MEPs call for more EU solidarity on visit to Sicily )


Articles on our photography contest, Ukraine, social media, gender equality and the European integration of the Western Balkans have proved to be most popular on our website in the first half of 2015. Read our article to find out more and click on the links to discover them yourself. (Read more: Summer reading: discover this year's most popular articles so far )

Press releases (second part)

LUX Prize 2015 finalists

Others Culture27-08-2015 - 14:40

The finalists competing for the 2015 LUX Film Prize have been announced: Mediterranea, Mustang and Urok (in English: The Lesson). The three films deal with current social issues such as immigration, position of women and girls, education and economic problems in society. (Read more: LUX Prize 2015 finalists )


Reporting on the European Parliament has never been easier, thanks to our blog listing the latest digital resources that are free to use. Updated around the clock, this page informs you what images, infographics, videos and photos are available for you to download as soon as they become available. Not only are these materials free to use, they are also often available in all of the EU’s 24 official languages, from Bulgarian to Swedish. (Read more: EP media network: Digital resources for reporting on the EP )


From Pinterest to LinkedIn, the European Parliament is present on most major social media platforms in order to better communicate with you. On these platforms we offer not only background information and the latest news, but also videos, photos, infographics and the opportunity to discuss topical issues. Try out our interactive infographic to get a taster of what we serve up on each platform. (Read more: Get connected: discover the European Parliament on social media )


Every day 315 million Europeans use the internet, but challenges still remain for consumers and companies alike. The European Commission presented its strategy for a digital single market on 6 May. In addition Parliament and the Council agreed in June to ban roaming fees in 2017 and guarantee equal treatment for all internet traffic. Read on for an explanation of the terminology involved. (Read more: From geo-blocking to cloud computing: Parliament’s guide to the digital age )


Looking for your first professional experience in European affairs? Want to discover the daily work of an international institution? The European Parliament offers several kinds of traineeships to provide opportunities for learning more about its activities. A new application period starts on 15 August. Read on for more information on how to apply. (Read more: Traineeships at the Parliament: new application period starting )


The European Youth Event (EYE) will return next year and you could be a part of it! #EYE2016 organisers are looking for enthusiastic young people and organisations that want to help shape the event's programme. Check out the Facebook page for the latest news, including all the information about the previous edition in 2014 and its follow-up phase. (Read more: EYE 2016: Parliament's successful youth event returns with a second edition )

Weekly agenda
Schedule by day Wednesday 02 Sep 2015
The President's Agenda - The President's diary (02-09-2015): 09:30
Schedule by day Thursday 03 Sep 2015
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Fisheries - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Budgets - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Regional Development - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 10:30, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
The President's Agenda - The President's diary (03-09-2015): 11:00
Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 11:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
"The impact of liberalization on Europe's dairy sector" - Press conferences (03-09-2015): 11:30, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Development - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 14:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Constitutional Affairs - Parliamentary committees (03-09-2015): 15:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Schedule by day Friday 04 Sep 2015
Pres-session briefing - Press conferences (04-09-2015): 11:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Schedule by day Saturday 05 Sep 2015
The President's agenda - The President's diary (05-09-2015): 09:30
The #EP Committees resume their business today from 15:00.Follow them LIVE at: @EP_ForeignAff @EP_Trade @EP_Transport
The week ahead 31 Aug- 6 Sept incl: #Greece,#migration,#eubudget & more. Full agenda:
The #EP Committees will resume their business on 31/8. For updates use their #Twitterlist:
.@ElmarBrok_MEP Brok & @AndrejPlenkovic: "Strong solidarity with those fighting for reforms in Ukraine" - statement:
External dimension of #migrationEU crisis now debated in @EP_ForeignAff - watch live
.@EP_ForeignAff now debriefing on its July ad hoc delegation to #Ukraine & #Georgia LIVE now:
DROI Chair @ElenaValenciano urges a #humanrights approach in dealing with the #refugeecrisis in Europe
DROi Chair #ElenaValenciano calls for immediate release of #LeylaYunus & #ArifYunus
.@EP_Defence chair Anna #Fotyga concludes the meeting:“We have to think about effective tools and ways to really deter #Russia in the East”
.@ChathamHouse J.#Sherr: frozen conflicts =tools of #Russia policy, often used as preludes to bigger conflicts. #Minsk meant to create one.
J. #Shea: @NATO must share cyber resilience w/ #Ukraine #Georgia #Moldova,who need to boost defce capacities & regional defence cooperation.
#WHD2015: Statements by @EP_Development Chair @LindaMcAvanMEP & lead MEP on humanitarian aid Enrique Guerrero Salom:
Right to food and land: @EP_Development MEPs invite students to submit papers for @EUExpo2015
PR: Action Agenda adopted @ #FFD3 conf in #addisababa - @EP_Development & EP delegation Chair @LindaMcAvanMEP reacts:
RT @Trade_EU: What are the TOP #EUtrade destinations for its agricultural products? See the @EU_Agri report: http://…
next @EP_Trade meeting - September 21-22
#Vietnam trade deal & human rights: @EP_Trade to put forward an oral question. Debate now
.@EP_Budgets & @EP_Justice at #asylum seeker centre C.A.R.A. Mineo #Sicily. More: #EUbudget #migration
.@JeanArthuis and @IIotova on #migration to #Italy: presser of @EP_Budget @EP_Justice delegation. Extracts here:
Follow debate now with Claus Sorensen of @eu_echo about EU funds for #Tindouf #Sahrawi camp @EP_BudgControl . Live:
RT @petrisarvamaa: Sarvamaa report for #CAP controls that make better sense for farmers and all taxpayers adopted 23-1 by @EP_BudgControl
.@EP_Economics meets on 3 September (Thursday), meeting agenda:
.@EP_Economics MEPs debate #EuroSummit deal with #Greece:
.@gannemans This is no deal - I'm for #Grexit because measures humiliating & degrading for #Greece; taking it into EZ was historic error.
#Competition Commissioner @vestager has exchange of views with @EP_Economics committee. Now:
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 15 July 9.00-12.30 &15.00-18.30 in JAN 6Q2. Follow EP Live
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting tomorrow, Wednesday15 July 9.00-12.30 &15.00-18.30 in JAN 6Q2. Agenda
RT @EP_ThinkTank: 50% EU #waste paper generated by trade/industry: rest = 40% household & 10% offices @EP_Environmen…
RT @giovannilavia: The #SummerPackage is an important step to tackle climate change @EP_Environment
.@EP_Industry resumes in 5': debates #EnergyUnion w/ @MAC_europa and @eu2015lu Sec. State Marc Hansen. Live:
.@EP_SingleMarket back after summer break on 3rd Sept to debate #SingleMarket govnce & fuel consumption of cars. Docs
RT @vickyford: Final meeting of U.S. trip talking consumer choice & value & security in payments with @Dan_Schulman of @PayPal…
RT @C_Stihler_MEP: Thanks @todcohen & the team @eBay for good chat on DSM @EP_SingleMarket consumer rights and redress #digitaloptimism htt…
First meeting, first vote after summer recess in @EP_TRAN: opinion on #EPBudget2016 adopted 35 in favor, 3 against
Now in @EP_Transport: presentation of draft report on safe use of drones in civil aviation, webstreaming:
Starting now @EP_Transport: presentation of Luxembourg presidency priorities in the field of transport, webstreaming
RT @IngaCzerny: Ostrożnie z JOW-ami. O sytaucji w W. Brytanii i USA piszemy z @JakubKrupaFE dla @PAPinformacje . Przedukowane tutaj: http:/…
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Get a clearer picture of the issues outstanding and possible compromises in EU-US #TTIP negotiations…
#REGI MEPs want the EU #urban_policy measures to focus on a limited set of major challenges
#EU must strengthen & speed up actions to stabilise #milk #livestock #fruit & #vegetable markets, says @CzSiekierski:
Missed the @EP_Agriculture mtg this week? Watch it all again via VOD here: MEPs will meet again on 3/9.
.@EP_Agriculture to #eu2015lu: Stabilisation of #agriculture markets must be a top priority. More in the PR:
Next wk #PECH MEPs vote position on #EUBudget 2016 &debate #Fisheries Partnership Agreemts in #EPlenary on #8SEP
.@EP_Fisheries members approve new EU- #GuineaBissau #fisheries deal
RT @EUErasmusPlus: Make the best of the great outdoors to #BeActive! Check what's happening for the European Week of Sport! Take part! http…
RT @HorizonMagEU: Science is figuring out how to tackle ‘maths #dyslexia’.
Follow live now @EPCulture: debate with Commissioner @GOettinger on #digitalmarket and #copyright
.@EP_Legal MEPs discussing now proposal to increase the number of judges at the General Court of #EU. Follow live:
Starting now – Discussion with @felix_braz and @EtienneSchneide on #eu2015lu priorities Live:
.@FrontexEU chief Fabrice Leggeri will be in @EP_Justice on Thursday 3 Sept to debate #migrationEU with MEPs. Agenda
RT @ClaudeMoraesMEP: So many Migrants dying, at some point a unified response? 50 dead in lorry in Austria
Lessons to be taken from the 2014 #Hearings - @RCorbettMEP report in #EPplenary next week:
RT @EuroParlPress: Download and read the FAQ of the #EP Press service from:
RT @EuroParlPress: The next #EPlenary will take place on 7-10 September.View the 2015 calendar: & the 2016: http:/…
.@EP_GenderEqual follow live:
.@EP_GenderEqual #EU2015LU prioritiy. Follow live.
Report Women’s #careers in science&university & #glassceilings encountered @vozemberg adopted 30 vote in favour, 1 against @_GenderEqual.
Missed the @EP_Petitions meeting this week? Video recording is now available here: Next meeting: 17 Sept.
.@EP_Petitions MEPs discuss petitions on alleged discrimination against EU citizens in Malta. Watch it live:
Press release: MEPs to quiz Commission on mortgage legislation and risky financial products. Read here:
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