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MEPs approved €31.5 million in EU aid to repair flood damage in Bavaria in a plenary vote on Thursday. Seven people died in the May and June 2016 floods, which affected more than 47,000 people in Lower Bavaria. Over 2,000 were still unable to return to their homes two months later. Hardest hit was the Rottal-Inn district in Lower Bavaria. The aid will come from the EU Solidarity Fund (EUSF). (Read more: Parliament approves €31.5m in EU aid to repair flood damage in Bavaria )


The European Commission should revise its code of conduct for Commissioners, to ensure that their declarations of interests give a complete picture of the financial situation and activities of a Commissioner and his or her family, said MEPs in a non-binding resolution voted on Thursday. The “cooling off” period for ex-Commissioners should be prolonged to 36 months, they added. (Read more: Commission code of conduct: MEPs call for detailed declarations of interest )


For next year’s budget, MEPs have ensured better support for unemployed youngsters and additional funds to boost key initiatives supporting SMEs, transport infrastructure projects, research and Erasmus+ student mobility. Commitment appropriations for 2017 total €157.8578 billion, and payment appropriations €134.49 billion. (Read more: EU budget 2017 approved: better support for youth and growth initiatives )


The EU-US Umbrella Agreement on the protection of personal data exchanged for law enforcement purposes was backed by a broad majority of MEPs on Thursday. The deal will ensure high, binding data protection standards for data exchanged by police and law enforcement authorities across the Atlantic. (Read more: MEPs back EU-US data protection deal on exchanges for law enforcement purposes )

Lehdistötiedotteet (toinen osa)

Small investors need better information about the possible risks and fees for investment products they might buy, say MEPs. They voted on Thursday, by 561 votes to 9 with 75 abstentions, to delay the introduction of a key explanatory document supplied by investment providers to consumers, while the EU Commission comes up with better proposals. (Read more: Parliament demands better protection for small investors )


President Schulz announced that two motions for resolutions, seeking a European Court of Justice opinion on the compatibility with the Treaties of the EU-US deal on protecting personal data exchanged for law enforcement purposes, will be put to the vote on Thursday, immediately before the vote on the recommendation drafted by Jan Philipp Albrecht. (Read more: Opening – two votes added on seeking ECJ opinion on EU-US data protection deal )


The EU-US “Umbrella Agreement” on the protection of personal data exchanged for law enforcement purposes will be debated on Wednesday evening at around 18.00. It aims to ensure high, binding data protection standards for data exchanged by police and law enforcement authorities for the cross-border prevention, tracking and prosecution of criminal offences, including terrorism. (Read more: Cross-border crime: EU-US data protection deal up for plenary debate at 18.00 )


An EU scheme offering EU member states technical help with structural reforms needed to boost growth and jobs was backed by the Regional Development Committee on Tuesday. (Read more: Regional Development MEPs approve EU help scheme for growth enhancing reforms )


New rules to enable EU citizens subscribing to services that give access to online music, games, films or sporting events, to enjoy this content while abroad in another EU country were approved by the Legal Affairs Committee in a vote on Tuesday. (Read more: Watch your online films anywhere in the EU: MEPs back cross-border portability )


Caps on the wholesale prices that telecoms operators charge each other for using their networks to carry cross-border “roaming” calls were agreed by industry MEPs on Tuesday. This brings the abolition of roaming charges for consumers a step closer. (Read more: End of roaming charges: Industry MEPs cap wholesale prices for use of networks )

Viikon agenda
Päivän ohjelmat sunnuntai 04 joulu 2016
The President's Agenda - Puhemiehen päivyri (04-12-2016):
The week ahead (5-11 Dec) incl: #antiterrorism, #EUETS, #4thRail, #taxevasion & more. Agenda:… https://t.co/CnnQMHfNsm
Press release: Commission code of conduct: MEPs call for detailed declarations of interest: https://t.co/ZjWsZhD1bu #EPlenary
Press release: #EUBudget2017 approved: better support for #youth and #growth initiatives: https://t.co/HErDeetNGp #EPlenary
.@EP_ForeignAff to meet on 5 Dec: debate on Great Lakes, Syria, vote on EU-Mongolia closer cooperation. Agenda https://t.co/mCFw7RsxXT
IN 8 MIN @EP_ForeignAff MEPs debate latest develop. in #MiddleEast Peace Process w. #EU Special Repres. F. Gentilini https://t.co/f9exTnNYhP
.@EP_HumanRights MEPs debate #humanrights situation in #Tibet w. niece of late Tenzin Delek Rinpoche – LIVE: https://t.co/6tH5csjAmo
NOW @EP_HumanRights MEPs debate #humanrights situation in #Azerbaijan & the case of Leyla Yunus - Follow LIVE: https://t.co/6tH5csBbdW
From 15.30 @EP_HumanRights debate #humanrights in #Azerbaijan & in #Tibet w. niece of late Tenzin Delek Rinpoche : https://t.co/VGKsaslZ9j
The momentum to move towards a working European Defence Policy has come, say @Urmaspaet. Read full statement… https://t.co/EHmFAFt801
RT @EU_Commission: #EUDefence: Business case for defence spending & greater cooperation | How will the European Defence Fund work? https://…
More EU cooperation on #defence was one of last #EPlenary highlights. Small recap https://t.co/i97Fqls4mZ Resolutio… https://t.co/HU9jCCK0ZU
#WorldAIDSday2016: @EP_Development reaffirms its commitment in the fight against AIDS. Full support to patients & o… https://t.co/3qckvYuney
Starting now @EP_Development hearing on good governance & implementation of SDG16: https://t.co/s0rC1nvYsq - Agenda… https://t.co/Ci67butSyd
AT 15.45 @EP_Development MEPs vote its opinion on prevention of use of financial system for money laudering – LIVE: https://t.co/s0rC1nNzR0
Next @EP_Trade to meet 5 Dec afternoon: Sri Lanka GSP+ application, wildlife trafficking. Agenda https://t.co/j5dZY2OJjS
IN 30MIN @EP_Trade @EP_Agriculture debate effects for agriculture of trade deals w/ @MalmstromEU & @PhilHoganEU https://t.co/CtlTMvR5N2
The final vote on #CETA in @EP_Trade to take place on 24 JAN 2016, then possibly in FEB #Eplenary
.@EP_President signs #EUBudget 2017 into law, framed by negotiating team @JeanArthuis @indrektarand @EuropaJens (fr… https://t.co/0jC6O4Gwji
#EUbudget 2017 approved: better support for youth and growth initiatives https://t.co/hS7BaEAOuz @EuropaJens @indrektarand
#EPlenary approves #EUBudget 2017 with 438 votes in favour, 194 against, 7 abstentions @EuropaJens @indrektarand
.@EP_Legal has a busy week ahead 28.11 & 29.11, see full agenda https://t.co/nh0w3lvHiY
.@EP_BudgControl meets on 28.11 & on 29.11, see full agenda: https://t.co/3FfSunFHAe
.@EP_BudgControl elected its new 2nd Vice Chair @indrektarand by acclamation
.@EP_Economics Chair calls on head of European Fiscal Board to appear before @EP_Economics committee. https://t.co/TtZ2FQBQ4U
.@Europarl_EN demands better protection for small investors #PRIIPS https://t.co/CmoHVix68f
Continue with economic and monetary union, says @ecb Head, Mario #Draghi https://t.co/01r0a2jhwo
At 11.00 @EP_Trade @EPSocialAffairs debate social&labour aspects of trade deals w/ @MalmstromEU & @Michelservoz https://t.co/wIBe3hm9TR
.@EPSocialAffairs conference with @eurofound starts at 9.00. Programme https://t.co/j9JVz3la6E Follow LIVE https://t.co/ifRy3WNuY4 #6EWCS
.@EPSocialAffairs conference with @eurofound on European Working Conditions TOMORROW; more info https://t.co/hQAllP8GWU #6EWCS
#Wildlife trafficking: report by @catherinemep adopted with 567 votes in favour, 5 against, 39 abstentions #EPlenary
RT @catherinemep: The paperwork is done. Now its time for action. EU governments must treat wildlife trafficking as a serious crime. https:…
#EPlenary opposes re-authorisation of #Bentazone #herbicide with 361 votes to 289, 28 abstentions
Video statement @JerzyBuzek @EP_Industry on Clean Energy Package: https://t.co/XIrjk6kyvx
Clean Energy Package – statement of @JerzyBuzek w/ @EP_Industry: https://t.co/iy78f3y2et
Hearing on ”the future of research policy in the EU” starts now @EP_Industry https://t.co/3HsEK8kuLi
#EPlenary approved report on goods that have temporarily left the #customs territory of the Union by sea or air https://t.co/21zLynHcm1
Draft report on professional qualifications in inland navigation approved in TRAN: 36 in favour, 4 against, 2 abstentions
Draft report on rules for civil aviation safety and #drones adopted in @EP_Transport: 32 in favour, 11 against, 1 abstention.
.@EP_Transport MEPs debate future of EU freight transport and logistics policy https://t.co/ErC12Na5JH draft report: https://t.co/sS1dOj8vxx
RT @EU_Agri: EU-28 National Apiculture Programmes 2017-2019:€216 million of which 50% from EU budget + 50% from MS https://t.co/qPNYwoDmiW…
"Ways to improve the #EUSF ; support #Italy after the earthquakes" @SalvoCicu More on #EPlenary vote: https://t.co/Yb1Fhm5188
RT @VDombrovskis: W/@EP_Regional Chair Mihaylova: we need #SRSP up&running as a nr of MS are interested in technical assistance 2 support t…
EU must do more to help #RuralAreas thrive, @EP_Agriculture MEPs & @EU_CoR #NAT members say. More here: https://t.co/PKlzkaE8HI
Impact of #trade talks on #farmers: @EP_Agriculture & @EP_Trade debate w/@PhilHoganEU & @MalmstromEU starts now Liv… https://t.co/IXdZ4pPNj9
RT @EU_Commission: #CleanEnergyEU: "We are particularly proud of the binding 30% energy efficiency target..." | All documents: https://t.c…
RT @EU_MARE: Discover @cmr_twit Critical Maritime Routes: EU programme to secure #maritime transport @Transport_EU @Trade_EU https://t.co/r…
RT @OurOcean: See spectacular photos of the most biodiverse waters in the world. https://t.co/vWEIs5h5aQ via @guardian https://t.co/HRdJ9O…
Live @EPCulture : Public Hearing on Crisis in the print #media https://t.co/HPJNvbOxVk
CULT meeting starts now : #luxprize survey, #geo-blocking, Public hearing on crisis in the print #media https://t.co/HPJNvc68MS
RT @luxprize: Thanks for celebrating the #LUXPrize2016 with us. The journey continues with screenings of the 3 finalists across Europe #Lux…
.@EP_Legal holds hearing on Intellectual Property Law/Biotech Directive on 29.11 at 15.00 @1PavelSvoboda https://t.co/5zMB9godQC
.@EP_Legal on 29.11 ,at 16.30 Workshop on Implementation of Mediation Directive @1PavelSvoboda https://t.co/uGnGIcCwb8
#EPlenary backs visa waiver agreements with five Pacific states https://t.co/e1q3RAySoW | @GabrielMariya
Press release: #EPlenary backs EU-US #UmbrellaAgreement on #dataprotection in exchanges for law enforcement purposes https://t.co/95LgiKcXRW
#EPlenary rejected @GUENGL (165/442/36) & @ALDEgroup (206/394/42) requests to seek opinion of @EUCourtPress on #UmbrellaAgreement
The agenda and meeting documents for Monday's (5/12) @EPInstitutional meeting are available here: https://t.co/MVxWIfJi3N
The future institutional evolution of the EU? Follow @EPInstitutional afternoon meeting with national MPs and guests https://t.co/jKdbcFDEfX
Follow this morning's @EPInstitutional meeting, starting at 09.00, here: https://t.co/o44zj4xyIM
RT @eurogender: #16days Find out what is being done to combat gender-based violence in your country #SayNoStopVAW https://t.co/hqgzg7kHuZ h…
RT @eurogender: More #Genderstatistics are needed: 31 % women & 29% men with disabilities are at risk of poverty/social exclusion in the EU…
RT @eurogender: More women and men are living on the edge of poverty & social exclusion today compared to 2010, according to EIGE's new stu…
Updated press release: environment and justice issues key priorities for EU petitioners in 2015: https://t.co/83uN0DAGck
.@EP_Petitions to investigate working conditions at @McDonalds, after hearing petitioners today from #France, #Belgium and #UnitedKingdom
RT @Jude_KD: Clear call from McDonald's workers for #fastfoodrights in @EP_Petitions & good to hear Commission say 0 hours workers have ful…
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