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The European Parliament is in session from 9 to 12 March 2015


All girls should attend school regardless of their background, according to Iratxe García, chair of the EP's women's rights committee. The Spanish member of the S&D group made the plea in an interview with our Facebook fans in the run-up to International Women's Day on 8 March. This year the Parliament is focussing on how education can help to empower women. In the interview García talks about the importance of education and the challenges that still have to be met to achieve equality. (Read more: García: "Governments must guarantee and facilitate women's access to education" )


The Ebola outbreak wreaking havoc in a number of West African countries since last year has been the most lethal one since the disease was discovered in 1976. On 4 March, the EP’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) unit organised a hearing with experts to talk about how Ebola should be tackled, the need for research and what lessons should be drawn from the current crisis. (Read more: Ebola crisis: "We really need to learn our lessons" )


Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf called for more education for girls and outlined her plans to make her country Ebola-free by 15 April in an interview on the occasion of her visit to the Parliament. On 4 March Johnson Sirleaf met EP President Martin Schulz and also participated in a meeting related to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. She also found time to tell us about her country's battle against Ebola and her message for this year's International Women's Day. (Read more: Liberian president: “In 10 years we want half of all presidents to be female" )


Thought you knew everything about Europe? Think again! The Parliament has selected 100 books, studies and academic works that offer insight in the philosophy behind the European project. The aim of the list featuring authors from all over Europe is to present the ideas and people behind European integration, which may also help to find solutions to the challenges Europe is facing now. The list is available on a dedicated website which can be searched in various ways. (Read more: Browse, read, explore: 100 books on Europe )

Press releases (second part)

Take part in our new guest photographer contest, inspired by 2015 being the European Year for Development. Every month until September we will be announcing a different topic linked to development. Send us your photo inspired by the theme of that month, along with the submission form and you could be invited to Strasbourg to make a photo reportage. (Read more: February guest photographer contest topic: " Education " )


Get involved: Nirj Deva, a UK member of the ECR group, is inviting everyone to contribute to his report on how the private sector could help to foster development worldwide. Starting today, the report will be discussed by the European Parliament's LinkedIn group. Join the discussion and help Deva write his final report. (Read more: Your turn: advise the Parliament on how private sector can foster development )


The hostilities in the Middle East also affect the five million Palestine refugees living throughout Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories, with a risk of radicalisation as the region becomes more unstable. Pierre Krähenbühl, the commissioner-general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), issued the warning when he addressed the EP's foreign affairs committee on 2 March. He also said the EU had a crucial role to play. (Read more: UNRWA chief on Gaza: "We're essentially talking about a time bomb" )


New Italian president Sergio Mattarella visited the European Parliament in Brussels on 3 March as part of his first foreign visit. He was welcomed by EP President Martin Schulz, with whom he exchanged views on issues such as the economic crisis, migrants dying while trying to cross the Mediterranean and the situation in Libya . (Read more: Italian president Sergio Mattarella visits the EP )


EP President Martin Schulz said: "The repeated and arbitrary denial of entrance onto Russian territory of elected parliamentarians, as testified by the latest case of MEP Sandra Kalniete, is a high affront to the EU-Russia relations and the work of democratic institutions. (Read more: Schulz on denial of entrance onto Russian territory of MEP Kalniete )


Are multinational companies paying their fair share of taxes? While the European Commission launched a series of inquiries in all EU member states, the Parliament has set up its own special committee to investigate into tax rulings involving large international companies. We talked to committee chair Alain Lamassoure, a French member of the EPP group, to find out his views and expectations. (Read more: Lamassoure on tax rulings committee: "We have an obligation to produce results" )

The week ahead (9-15 March) includes: #Nemtsov,#EuropeanSemester, #cardfees, #equality & more.Full Agenda:
Press briefing on March #EPlenary at 11:00 at PHS0A50. LIVE: &
The March Newsletter is online & incl: #Nemtsov,#EuropeanSemester, #cardfees, #equality & more:
.@ElmarBrok_MEP : Broad consensus among MEPs and EU MPs on #Russia & #neighbourhood: @parleu2015lv #IPC #CFSP #CSDP
.@petras_petras Chair of EP #Afghanistan delegation: Avalanches in #Panjshir province call for more EU engagement
President E.Johnson #Sirleaf of #Liberia & @UN_UNOWA head M.Ibn #Chambas debate #Ebola w/ EP ACP-EU delegation on Wed 4 Mar 9.00,room A5G3
.@ElenaValenciano:"#EU needs to urgently review its policies to protect minorities in #Syria & #Iraq" Full statement:
.@ElenaValenciano welcomes the release of B #Rugurika:"Gratifying to see our Feb resolution had an impact" Statement:
Hearing on Freedom of religion in the Middle East starts in 15 min. Watch live:
#Eurocorps : use it or lose it! @EP_Defence debates with @HQEurocorps Commander LtGen Guy #Buchsenschmidt live
.@EP_Defence discussing Annual #CSDP report by @ArnaudDanjean live now Draft text:
.@EP_Defence @EP_Budgets debate CommonSecurity&DefencePolicy financing on Thu at9.00.Draft @EduardKukan @indrektarand
The role of private sector in sustainable development: workshop starts in 15min Follow live:
RT @EP_ThinkTank: .@CharlesGoerens Improving soc.progress & healthcare is a step towards preventing #Ebola alike outbreaks #EbolaSTOA #EYD2…
RT @CharlesGoerens: "We have to learn from the Ebola crisis to better manage future ones" STOA workshop on #Ebola
MT @Berlaymonster "Careful with the #TTIP. It's a sensitive area." #EUpickuplines #friday 4:31 PM - 6 Mar 2015
#TTIP in the EP: all dates, links, drafts, timelines & other details you've been asking about in one place
#TTIP talks: MEPs work on their recommendations for negotiators/ @EP_trade debate & @EP_Development vote summarized
#JunckerPlan shld be complementary, must help SMEs: 6 experts heard in @EP_Budgets @EP_Economics on EFSI. More:
Today 15:30-18:30 hearing w 6 experts on #JunckerPlan EFSI @ep_economy @EP_Budgets. Live:
Next Mon 15:30-18:30 hearing w 6 experts on #JunckerPlan EFSI @EP_Economy @EP_Budgets. Agenda:
Commission shld check spending of #EU funds better and claw back more lost money, says @EP_BudgControl. Read more:
Fight against #EUbudget fraud vote @9, then debate continues on #discharge 2013 @r_czarnecki @AndersVistisen. Live:
Vote on fight against fraud on #EUbudget, debate on #discharge 2013 to EU instits, agencies Tue @9:00. Docs, live:
.@EP_Economics meeting 5/3 is cancelled. Next week only hearing with BUDG on EU Fund for Strat. Investments. Agenda:
Chair new #tax rulings committee @ALamassoure : “This is about transparency and justice” #luxleaks Press release:
.@EP_Economics adopted @NeenaGmep report on money market funds, check for details
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting on Thursday, 5 Mar @ 9.00 in JAN 4Q2. Agenda: Follow EP Live
.@EPSocialAffairs & @EPCulture Joint Hearing on early school leaving Follow it on EP Live
.@EPSocialAffairs February 2015 Newsletter
#WorldWildlifeDay: MEP @Gerbrandy explains why EU should do more for protection of #endangered #animals:
#EUETS #MSR, #Biofuels #ILUC: how did ENVI #MEPs vote on 24.02? Result of roll-call votes
#EUETS #MSR: report by @IvoBelet adopted 58/10/1 negotiations with @eu2015lv opened 57/10/1
EP position on #telecoms package, incl #roaming & #NetNeutrality: Press release @EP_Industry #TSM
RT @rozathun: @EP_SingleMarket WG DSM: thank you all for comming, following, speaking, listening, commenting on tt! Next: April 14, I'll ke…
Today at 3 pm @EP_SingleMarket working group on #DigitalSingleMarket kicks-off. Webstreaming @rozathun
Starting now @EP_Transport: debate on new financial schemes for European transport projects, streaming:
In 10min @EP_Transport: presentation of ECA report on effectiveness of EU-funded urban transport projects, streaming
In TRAN at 16h Christophersen-Bodewig-Secchi report on fin.instruments for transport streaming
Fight against Fraud: opinion of #REGI committee
Fraud ag. EU Budget: Fin. impact down, no. of cases up #EPlenary Tue:
Missed yesterday's joint hearing w/ @EP_Environment on #Cloning of animals for farming purposes? Watch it here:
Today in #AGRI: Debate on #TTIP & other topics. Watch live: Agenda:
Next week in #Fisheries: Monday @EP_Fisheries vote on #discards ban WED&THU #Eplenary votes on #GFCM & #SeaBass
Vote on compromise w/ @eu2015lv on landing obligation #9MAR in #Fisheries cttee: Consolidated txt here #discards
.@EU_Commission @EU_MARE publishes annual TACs & Quotas poster #Fisheries #CFPreality
It’s almost #EPlenary time! What’s on the agenda? Check out the pre-session briefing:
#IWD2015: Empowering #Women and #Girls through #education. Press conf. w/ @IratxeGarper & @VeraJourova:
#Equality on the agenda as @EP_GenderEqual and @EPCulture meet national MPs. Watch live at 9: #IWD2015
Agenda for extraordinary @EP_Legal meeting on 9 March at 19h (Strasbourg) is now available here:
Afternoon session of the workshop on private international law starting soon. Programme: LIVE
#Asylum, #Migration and Integration Fund: how the #EUBudget is spent via @EP_ThinkTank
.@eu2015lv and @EP_Justice MEPs ready to start negotiations on #CEPOL. @EP_Justice position voted on 24 Feb
RT @eu2015lv: COREPER just agreed General Approach on #CEPOL. Ready for trilogues with @EP_Justice of @Europarl_EN.
Draft report @RCorbettMEP on lessons to be taken from the 2014 Commissioner hearings process available here:
Discussion on #TTIP rapporteur Gonzales Ponz presents its draft opinion in @EPInstitutional
Meeting @EPinstitutional starting in ASP03G2 follow it live
#IWD2015: Empowering #Women and #Girls through #education. Press conf. w/ @IratxeGarper & @VeraJourova in 5 ': Live
Follow live the press conference at 12.30 #IWD2015 @IratxeGarper @VeraJourova here:
Missed the hearing on #ECI @EP_Petitions & @EPInstitutional on 26/02? Video recording available here: #EPhearingonECI
.@EP_Petitions discussing now petition on the metro accident in Valencia #Spain on 3 July 2006. Live:
Follow discussion @EP_Petitions about opinion on #TTIP. Live:
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