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Despite the EU’s 2006 Directive on equality between men and women in the labour market, differences in their pay persist and are even growing, say MEPs in a non-legislative resolution voted on Thursday. As member states did not take the opportunity to update their laws on equal opportunities and treatment, MEPs urge the EU Commission to table fresh legislation "providing for more effective means of supervising the implementation and enforcement in member states". (Read more: Pay gap between men and women: MEPs call for binding measures to close it )


MEPs passed four resolutions on Thursday: urging Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr and calling for a moratorium on the death penalty; demanding measures to starve Boko Haram in Nigeria of its sources of illegal income; expressing fears of civil war in Central African Republic; and deploring human rights abuses in Thailand following the coup of May 2014. (Read more: Human rights: Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Central African Republic and Thailand )


Updating EU rules on payment services will cut the cost of paying bills, by enabling new market players to use mobile and online tools to make payments on a client’s behalf, said MEPs voting a law to this end on Thursday. These rules, informally agreed by MEPs and ministers last May, also aim to make online payments safer, by laying down data protection and liability rules for all online payment service providers. (Read more: Opening up the online payments market, so as to reduce fees and fraud risks )

Stqarrijiet għall-istampa (it-tieni parti)

Proposed EU sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emission limits for medium-sized combustion plants, such as electricity generators or heating systems for domestic, residential or industrial use, were backed by MEPs on Wednesday. They had already been informally agreed with EU ministers. In areas where these emissions breach EU air quality standards, EU countries would be required to assess whether to introduce stricter limits. (Read more: Capping emissions from medium-sized combustion plants )


More citizens and small firms will be able to use the simplified EU procedure to resolve low-value disputes across borders thanks to changes voted by Parliament on Wednesday. These changes, which still need to be formally approved by EU ministers, would raise the ceiling on debts recoverable using the procedure from €2,000 to €5,000. (Read more: MEPs approve measures to ease cross-border recovery of small debts )


The EU must do more to spur stability and security in Libya, MEPs said on Tuesday. On Wednesday, they demanded a full and independent investigation into the airstrikes against the hospital in Kunduz, called for more EU diplomatic efforts to end the Syrian conflict and warned against compromising human rights in cooperating with Turkey over the refugee crisis. (Read more: Syria, Turkey, Kunduz bombing and Libya: MEPs call for greater EU engagement )


L-MEPs iddiskutew l-iskandlu tal-emissjonijiet tad-dħaħen li kien jinvolvi l-Volkswagen abbażi ta' mistoqsija parlamentari. Huma staqsew lill-Kummissarju Elżbieta Bieńkowska biex jiġi ċċarat jekk kienx hemm manipulazzjoni tat-testijiet tal-emissjonijiet fl-Ewropa. Bosta kelliema qalu li l-iskandlu jipperikola l-kredibilità tas-settur kollu tal-karozzi u appellaw lill-Kummissjoni biex tintroduċi mingħajr dewmien ittestjar tal-emissjonijiet taħt kundizzjonijiet tas-sewqan reali. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: Il-frodi fl-emissjonijiet tal-karozzi tipperikola reputazzjoni tas-settur kollu )


Qed jogħlew it-temperaturi, jinħall is-silġ, u n-nixfiet u l-għargħar qed isiru dejjem aktar spissi – ilkoll sinjali li t-tibdil fil-klima hu theddida reali. F'Diċembru se jsir tentattiv biex jintlaħaq ftehim ġdid dwar il-klima waqt summit speċjali tan-NU f'Pariġi. Nhar l-Erbgħa l-Kumitat ENVI adotta rapport bil-miri tal-PE għal dawn in-negozjati. Wara l-vot, ir-rapporteur Gilles Pargneaux (S&D, FR) tkellem magħna dwar l-objettivi stabbiliti. Il-vot fil-plenarja hu ppjanat għall-14 ta' Ottubru. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: Gilles Pargneaux u s-Summit tan-NU dwar il-Klima: "summit biex niddeċiedu" )


Germany, Italy and Belgium will get €14.6 million in EU aid to help redundant car and airline workers to find new jobs, and Bulgaria and Greece a total of €16.3 million to repair flood damage, after Parliament approved their applications on Tuesday. (Read more: Job search aid for Germany, Italy, Belgium, disaster relief for Bulgaria, Greece )

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next AFCO meeting 22/10
Tomorrow at 8.30 follow discussion on #Paygap. Live: http://t.co/eVAWLsrSGR #GenderEquality on labour market .
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