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The inquiry committee into emission measurements in the car industry (EMIS) continued its work on Thursday morning by hearing Alexander Dobrindt, the German Federal Minister of Transport and Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony’s State Minister for the Economy, Labour and Transport. (Read more: Car emissions inquiry looking for answers from German authorities )


The inquiry committee into emission measurements in the car industry (EMIS) continued its work on Monday afternoon by hearing Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Chief Technical Officer Harald Wester, who was quizzed mainly on possible “defeat devices” in Fiat diesel engines and gap between emission values in laboratory testing and real driving conditions. (Read more: Car emissions inquiry continues with Fiat-Chrysler )


Environment MEPs advocate a full and immediate EU-wide ban on ivory and rhinoceros horn trade, and call for common sanctions at EU level against wildlife trafficking, in a resolution voted on Thursday. Wildlife trafficking is worth an estimated €20 billion annually. It has grown in recent years, becoming one of the biggest and most profitable forms of organised cross-border crime. (Read more: Wildlife trafficking: Environment MEPs call for ivory trade ban and EU penalties )


V pondelok a utorok zavítali do Európskeho parlamentu víťazi tohtoročnej Ceny Karola Veľkého pre mládež, ktorá im bola slávnostne udelená začiatkom mája v nemeckom Aachene. Počas svojej dvojdňovej návštevy predstavili svoje projekty v kultúrnom výbore, stretli sa s predsedom Martinom Schulzom a takisto mali možnosť pozorovať niekoľkých poslancov pri práci. (Čítať ďalej: Do Parlamentu tento týždeň zavítali víťazi Ceny Karola Veľkého pre mládež )

Tlačové správy (druhá časť)

An EU country facing an emergency gas shortage could call on other member states to supply it with gas via “supply corridors” that would link EU countries into seven transnational regions, under a draft law enshrining a “regional solidarity mechanism”, as amended and approved by the Energy Committee on Thursday. The committee also approved a separate draft law that would require member states to notify the EU Commission when they negotiate energy supply deals with third parties. (Read more: Gas: energy MEPs back draft law on emergency supply links between EU countries )


New rules to curb the growing influx into the EU of plant pests, such as olive grove killer Xylella fastidiosa, and better equip member states to tackle their spread, were endorsed by the Agriculture Committee on Thursday. The draft rules, informally agreed by MEPs and member states last year, will introduce new preventive and rapid response mechanisms for suspect plant imports, step up pest surveillance efforts in the EU and require all member states to draw up outbreak contingency plans. (Read more: Plant health: agriculture MEPs back deal to fight influx of pests to the EU )


Videli ste už niekedy šupinavca? Tieto cicavce sú veľmi obľúbeným tovarom pytliakov a pašerákov a spoločne s tigrami a slonmi sú tak na pokraji vyhynutia. Ilegálny obchod s divými zvieratami i rastlinami predstavuje skutočnú hrozbu pre biodiverzitu. Mohla by tu nejako pomôcť EÚ? Poslankyňa Catherine Bearder (ALDE, UK) je presvedčená, že áno. Výbor pre životné prostredie vo štvrtok prijal jej správu, kde hovorí o tom, ako môže túto trestnú činnosť pomôcť zastaviť Únia a jej členské štáty. (Čítať ďalej: EÚ by sa mala pustiť do boja s pytliakmi a pašerákmi divých zvierat )

mladá žena pozerá na vodorovnú obrazovku   V Parlamentáriu si môžete pozrieť interaktívnu výstavu v 24 jazykoch

Vo štvrtok 13. októbra uplynie presne päť rokov odvtedy ako sme otvorili naše návštevnícke centrum Parlamentárium. Dozviete sa tu veľa nielen o samotnom Parlamente, ale aj o európskej integrácii. A to všetko aj v slovenčine a veľmi hravým spôsobom. Ak budete vo štvrtok v Bruseli, tak sa sme určite príďte pozrieť. Oslava piatich narodenín sa bude konať od 17:00 do 22:00. Alebo sa aspoň zapojte do našej súťaže na Instagrame. (Čítať ďalej: Naše návštevnícke centrum Parlamentárium oslavuje svoje piate narodeniny )


International Trade Committee MEPs, farmers, businesses, public health and trade union representatives debated the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada on Wednesday morning. CETA can only enter into force with the European Parliament’s approval. (Read more: MEPs debate CETA trade agreement with business, health, trade unions and farmers )


The Budgets Committee demanded more funds, in a vote on Tuesday, to help young people into jobs, to boost economic growth and assist third countries with a view to mitigating the migration crisis. MEPs had earlier reversed all the cuts proposed by the Council to the draft 2017 EU budget. Part of the additional funds are expected to be financed via new appropriations to be obtained through the ongoing mid-term revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). (Read more: EU needs more funds for jobs and youth in 2017 to honour its pledges, say MEPs )

Týždenná agenda
Program podľa dňa Pondelok 24 okt 2016
Pre-session briefing - Tlačové konferencie (24-10-2016): 16:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Committee on Budgets - Parlamentné výbory (24-10-2016): 19:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Committee on Foreign Affairs - Parlamentné výbory (24-10-2016): 20:30, Strasbourg, Winston Churchill
The President's Agenda - Agenda predsedu EP (24-10-2016):
Program podľa dňa Utorok 25 okt 2016
S&D briefing - Tlačové konferencie (25-10-2016): 10:10, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
GREENS/EFA briefing - Tlačové konferencie (25-10-2016): 10:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
ALDE briefing - Tlačové konferencie (25-10-2016): 10:50, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
EPP briefing - Tlačové konferencie (25-10-2016): 11:10, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
ECR briefing - Tlačové konferencie (25-10-2016): 11:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The vote on recommendations to the Commission on the establishment of an EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights - Tlačové konferencie (25-10-2016): 14:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
GUE/NGL briefing - Tlačové konferencie (25-10-2016): 14:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
“Vote on ways to boost jobs in rural areas” - Tlačové konferencie (25-10-2016): 15:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The vote on the fight against corruption and follow-up of the CRIM resolution - Tlačové konferencie (25-10-2016): 15:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The President's Agenda - Agenda predsedu EP (25-10-2016):
Program podľa dňa Streda 26 okt 2016
"Priorities on the Agenda of the Plenary Sitting" - Tlačové konferencie (26-10-2016): 11:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The vote on the EP's position on the EU Budget 2017 - Tlačové konferencie (26-10-2016): 14:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
“Plant Health: Vote on new measures to fight influx and spread of plant pests” - Tlačové konferencie (26-10-2016): 14:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"The just demands Lafarge's workers against the mass dismissal and forthcoming decision of the EU Court of Justice" - Tlačové konferencie (26-10-2016): 15:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"Revealing the Judgement of the Permanent People’s Tribunal on the Turin-Lyon High-speed Rail Link" - Tlačové konferencie (26-10-2016): 15:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The President's Agenda - Agenda predsedu EP (26-10-2016):
Program podľa dňa Štvrtok 27 okt 2016
The President's Agenda - Agenda predsedu EP (27-10-2016):
The October II #EPlenary Newsletter incl: #euco, #EU2017Agenda, #EUBudget & more and is available at:
Press release: @ep_emissions inquiry committee looking for answers from German authorities:
RT @EP_President: Will soon deliver my speech to #EUCO and after will address press conference #refugees #migration #Syria #Russia #trade #…
NOW: EU–Sri Lanka relations & trade at the focus of @EP_ForeignAff debate w/ PM Wickremesinghe @RW_UNP. Webstr
Update on today's @EP_ForeignAff agenda: votes on European Defence Union & CSDP moved to 24 Oct mtng in Strasbourg
"Daesh is not only the enemy of Iraq but the enemy of humanity", Iraqi Foreign Minister told @EP_ForeignAff MEPs:
.@EP_HumanRights Pdta @ElenaValenciano condena el asesinato de José Ángel Flores y Silmer George en #Honduras :
.@EP_HumanRights Chair @ElenaValenciano condemns assassination of #HRDs José Ángel Flores & Silmer George #Honduras
.@EP_HumanRights Chair @ElenaValenciano expresses grave concern at treatment of #SakharovPrize Laureate @raif_badawi
.@EP_Defence resumes w/ workshop on EU - #SaudiArabia relations. Agenda Webstr…
Full day @EP_Defence mtng starts now: European Defence Union, hearing on combating IS. Webstr…
.@EP_Defence to meet on 12/13 Oct to debate EU Defence Union, EU-SaudiArabia relations, efforts to combat IS, implm of #EUGlobalStrategy
RT @eaDevPol: Fighting climate change needs multi-dimensional capacity building
RT @GdnDevelopment: Survey finds 70% of migrants arriving in Europe by boat trafficked or exploited #AntiSlaveryDay
RT @EP_ThinkTank: 5 large countries with dramatic economic growth, forging links together @BRICS2016 @EP_ForeignAff…
RT @Trade_EU: 💡♻️ We're negotiating a deal with 16 other @WTO members to scrap customs duties on green goods.📗😇 See our proposal 👉🏿https://…
Everything you always wanted to know about EU trade agreements that are in the pipeline:
RT @Trade_EU: 🌐🛡 We've proposed updating & strengthening our tools for tackling unfair trade practices by non-EU countries.📦🌏⚖ 👉🏿 https://t…
.@EP_Budgets meets on Monday at 19.00 in Strasbourg, full agenda:
RT @JMFernandesEU: In 2016, more than €7000 million for payments for cohesion policy were not used! It is unacceptable. #EU needs #growth.…
#EUBudget: @EUCouncil behaves in an inconsistent and contradictory way, say MEPs…
RT @EUAuditorsECA: Commission’s reforms address “silo” culture, but it does not fully adhere to intl best practice │ audit report https://t…
.@EP_BudgControl on Thu, 9-12.30, 5G3, Discharge 2015 w/ @KGeorgievaEU, @joachimzeller,
TODAY:Protection of EU financial interests, 14.00, ASP1G3, w/ @EU_Commission, @Europol, @INTERPOL_HQ @Catalin_Ivan…
9am, 2nd hearing of #EP #PANA committee on int. anti-money laundering and tax avoidance standards. Watch live:
RT @gualtierieurope: @EP_Economics meeting with William Coen, Secretary General of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision…
In half an hour...
Inter-parliamentary meeting on #PostedWorkers ENDS - committee debate on draft report scheduled for 8 November
.@mariannethyssen @emorinchartier @a_jongerius & @thaendel reply to MEPs & national MPs in debate on #PostedWorkers
Debate with national parliaments at #EMPL meeting on #PostedWorkers revision starts - 30 speakers until 17:45, LIVE
#effortsharing #climate law: #MEP @Gerbrandy to present draft before year's end
RT @giovannilavia: together w/ other MEPs we planted a tree to celebrate 25th anniversary of ENA and to stress the importance of greenery i…
RT @EU_Arauzo: Environment Council is over. Press conference soon. Watch: #ParisAgreement #effortsharing #water #bi…
.@EP_Industry and @EP_Environment joint meeting on #mhealth starts in 10 min:
.@EP_Industry and @EPCulture joint meeting to discuss the amendments on creative industries draft:
.@EP_Industry - Gas: energy MEPs back draft law on emergency supply links between EU countries.
Next week #EPlenary votes #customs infringements & sanctions and #WebAccessibility. Agenda @kajakallas @charanzova
RT @EP_President: You can find my speech on #Russia, #Syria #Ukraine #refugees #migrants #trade and #Brexit at today's #EUCO here https://t…
RT @europarltv: The @CodeWeekEU is on! Today we travel to 2012 to see how the @Europarl_EN has supported coding. Have you ever been to a ha…
Starting @EP_Transport: MEPs discuss the Benelux report on freight transport webstreaming:
Starting @EP_Transport: Hearing on transport noise, agenda&speakers webstreaming:…
.@EP_Transport now: logistics in the EU,multimodal transport in TEN-T corridors Draft repor…
RT @UN: See how @UN_Women is highlighting gender equality in the #NewUrbanAgenda at the #Habitat3 Conference: http…
RT @EU_EESC: #social economy enterprises have an important role & should have equal access to #H2020 #funding | #EESC #Plenary…
RT @EESC_PRESS: "Simplification is a success story,and a never-ending story.It is extremely valuable to scientists in EU@moedas at #EESC #…
Debate w/@EU_Commission on current situation with #AfricanSwineFever & ways forward now on in @EP_Agriculture. Live:
#PlantHealth: @EP_Agriculture backs the deal to fight influx of #PlantPests to the EU. More here:
RT @Oceana: Malta has the deepest known population of precious red coral: via @IndependentMlt…
RT @mwbloem: Japan to face criticism at international summit for flouting whaling ruling | Environment | The Guardian…
RT @EU_MARE: Learn more about the EU Advisory Councils (ACs) providing recommendations on #fisheries management matters…
#ACPEU JPA now debates #sport as enabler 4 poverty eradication, #education in ACP coutries-a work in progress
Starting at 15.00 @EPCulture @EP @EP_Industry Debate on a coherent #EU policy for #cultural and #creative industries
#cultural and #creative industries - important drivers of the European economy
.@EP_Legal on Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, 17.10, 15.00, 6Q2, w/ experts & national parliaments,…
.@EP_Legal report on application of the EU Law 2014 adopted on Monday 16/2/1
Discussion with @PaulNemitz from @EU_Commission on ways to prevent #hatespeech online starting soon @EP_Justice :
.@EP_Justice MEPs debated #migration & situation for #UnaccompaniedMinors in Calais with French Defender of Rights:
RT @Claude_Moraes: @EP_Justice mtg with Maarten Verway, MEPs scrutinising #euturkeydeal #relocation -key that MS quickly uphold pledges to…
Opinion by @MrMesserschmidt adopted 17/1/0
Vote: @MrMesserschmidt opinion on ''The role of whistle-blowers in the protection of EU's financial interests''. Lead cttee @EP_BudgControl
.@EPInstitutional meeting takes a break until 11:00.
Follow public hearing on #Daesh crimes against women at 11.00-12.30 ASP 3E2 live:…
Follow hearing at 15.00: EU Funds for Gender Equality @EP_GenderEqual live:
.@EP_GenderEqual continues with #genderequality in #trade agreements. Follow live:
Soon petitions on the #environment and competition.
Now: @EP_Petitions debates prel oral report on the fact-finding visit to #Slovakia @CeciliaWikstrom @EP_Bratislava -
Tuesday's @EP_Petitions meeting continues at 16:30. Watch it here: Full agenda here:
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