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ReACT Rome: zlepšovanie kvality života v Európe

Ďalšie tlačové správy Inštitúcie01-04-2014 - 15:13
The italian Chef Carlo Cracco during the Roma React event, EP 2014 information election campaign  

Taliansko je známe vďaka pojmu la dolce vita (sladký život), takže je ideálnym miestom na usporiadanie konferencie o kvalite života. Poslednú konferenciu ReACT zorganizoval Európsky parlament v Ríme. Bola jednou z piatich konferencií, ktoré sa pred európskymi voľbami v máji 2014 konali na rôznych miestach v Európe a venovali sa rozličným témam. Uskutočnila sa 23. januára 2014 v legendárnych filmových štúdiách Cinecittà. (Čítať ďalej: ReACT Rome: zlepšovanie kvality života v Európe)


ReACT Roma: Kvalita života nadovšetko

Ďalšie tlačové správy Verejné zdravie / Bezpečnosť potravín01-04-2014 - 14:58
Quality of life Intro Story pic  

Čo pre vás znamená kvalita života? Bezpečné potraviny, prístupnú lekársku starostlivosť, čistejšie ovzdušie a zelenšie životné prostredie? Alebo účinné práva spotrebiteľa či uistenie, že vaše online osobné údaje sú v bezpečí? Európsky parlament považuje zvýšenie kvality života v Európe za nevyhnutnosť. Viac sa dozviete v našom článku. (Čítať ďalej: ReACT Roma: Kvalita života nadovšetko)


1400 Italian and Spanish workers should get EU support to try and get back on to the labour market after losing their jobs. Parliament's budgets committee approved €5 million from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund on Tuesday. The decision still needs to be endorsed by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. (Read more: Budgets committee approves €5 million aid to redundant workers Spain and Italy)


Investor-state disputes: debate on settlement clauses in EU trade deals

INTA External/international trade31-03-2014 - 17:25

MEPs will debate investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) rules in EU trade and investment agreements at a workshop on Tuesday, 1 April, 9-11h. These rules, allowing investors to sue foreign governments, are a key issue for the proposed trade and investment deal (TTIP) with the US. The EU Commission launched a public consultation last Thursday, following the suspension of the investment chapter in the on-going TTIP talks. (Read more: Investor-state disputes: debate on settlement clauses in EU trade deals)


The recent mass sentencing of 529 Muslim Brothers to death, the run-up to the 26-27 May presidential elections and continuing concerns over the democratic transition and the human rights situation in Egypt will be raised by the foreign affairs committee with the Egyptian foreign minister, Nabil Fahmi, on Tuesday in a debate starting at 10.30. (Read more: MEPs to quiz Egyptian foreign minister over sentencing of 529 Muslim Brothers )


Parliament and Council agree on basic bank accounts for all

ECON Economic and monetary affairs20-03-2014 - 13:14
A man withdraws money at a cash point ATM ©BELGA/Imageglobe/J.Hamers  

Anyone legally residing in the EU should have the right to open a basic payment account, and this right should not be denied on grounds of nationality or place of residence, Parliament's negotiators and the Council representatives agreed on Thursday. Fees and rules for all payment accounts should be transparent and comparable and it should be easy to switch to another payment account that offers better terms, under the agreed new rules. (Read more: Parliament and Council agree on basic bank accounts for all)

To get gas guzzlers off Europe’s roads, MEPS voted on new rules to give greener fuels a kick start.  

To boost the take-up of alternative fuels in transport, EU countries will have to ensure that enough refuelling and recharging stations are available to enable cars, trucks and ships using alternative fuels, such as natural gas and electricity, to move freely on EU roads and waterways, under an informal agreement reached by Council and Parliament negotiators on Thursday. (Read more: Deal struck on promoting use of alternative fuels on roads and waterways)


EU budget fraudsters to face tougher criminal penalties

LIBE CONT Justice and home affairs / Budgetary control20-03-2014 - 11:12

Rules on prosecuting and punishing fraud against the EU budget were voted by the Budgetary Control and Civil Liberties committees on Thursday. In amendments to a draft anti-fraud law, MEPs clearly defined the offences for which member states would have to introduce criminal penalties, such as fraud, passive and active corruption, money laundering or dishonest bidding for public procurement contracts. Fraud costs the EU budget an estimated €600 million each year. (Read more: EU budget fraudsters to face tougher criminal penalties)


Parliament negotiators rescue seriously damaged bank resolution system

ECON Economic and monetary affairs20-03-2014 - 11:12

European Parliament negotiators on Thursday reached a deal with their member state counterparts on the single resolution mechanism to deal with failing banks. Many elements fell into place early in the morning after 16 hours of talks. The elements agreed will help to ensure that the system cannot become a hostage to political power games and can deliver swift and credible decisions. (Read more: Parliament negotiators rescue seriously damaged bank resolution system)


Trade Committee backs plan to remove EU tariffs on imports from Ukraine

INTA External/international trade20-03-2014 - 11:06

About 98% of the customs duties that Ukrainian goods exporters pay at EU borders would be removed by a proposal backed by the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee on Thursday. This unilateral measure would boost Ukraine’s struggling economy by saving its manufacturers and exporters €487 million a year. (Read more: Trade Committee backs plan to remove EU tariffs on imports from Ukraine)