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The EU needs a coordinated approach to fight terrorism and it is essential that member states improve information exchange in the area of security, Civil Liberties Committee MEPs agreed in a debate on the 22 March attacks in Brussels with the Belgian ministers for security and the interior, Jan Jambon, and justice, Koen Geens.

MEPs quizzed the ministers on the Belgian strategy to combat radicalisation and to identify and keep track of foreign fighters returning from Syria. They also asked them about the measures taken to improve the security situation at Brussels airport and in the city.


Replay live statements by:

Jan Jambon, Belgian minister of security and the interior, part 1 and part 2

Koen Geens, Belgian minister of justice, part 1 and part 2

Michal Boni (EPP, PL)

Hugues Bayet (S&D, BE)

Sander Loones (ECR, BE)

Gerard Deprez (ALDE, BE)

Laura Ferrara (EFDD, IT)

Vicky Maeijer (ENF, NL)