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Európska ekonomika by sa mohla posilniť o 800 miliárd eur, čo zodpovedá 6 percentám aktuálneho HDP. Podľa štúdie Európskeho parlamentu by sme takéto výsledky mohli očakávať v prípade, ak by sa podniklo viacero opatrení na úrovni EÚ. (Čítať ďalej: Štúdia: akú hodnotu by nám mohlo priniesť "viac Európy"?)


Prvá tabletová aplikácia Európskeho parlamentu (EP) ponúka v čase pred eurovoľbami zábavný spôsob dozvedieť sa viac o EP a jeho aktivitách. Nazrite do jednotlivých boxov a prečítajte si informácie o EP či voľbách. Aplikácia vám taktiež ponúka možnosť súťažiť s vašimi priateľmi v odpovediach na otázky o EÚ alebo v obrázkových kvízoch. (Čítať ďalej: Box your EP - prvá aplikácia Európskeho parlamentu pre tablety)


The EP passed three resolutions on Thursday, supporting the recommendations of the UN Commission of Inquiry into human rights violations in North Korea; expressing deep concern at the increase in sectarian violence and religious intolerance in Pakistan; and condemning the recent attacks against religious and ethnic communities and the suffering of women and children in Syria. (Read more: Human rights: North Korea; persecution in Pakistan; vulnerable groups in Syria)


Európska únia musí okamžite zaviesť hospodárske sankcie voči Ruskej federácii a prijať tvrdšie sankcie voči jej jednotlivým predstaviteľom, uvádza sa v uznesení, ktoré vo štvrtok schválil Európsky parlament. Poslanci v nadväznosti na podnecovanie nepokojov zo strany Ruska za účelom ďalšej destabilizácie východnej a južnej Ukrajiny vyzvali na prijatie opatrení proti ruským podnikom a ich dcérskym spoločnostiam, najmä v odvetví energetiky, ako aj proti ruským investíciám a aktívam v EÚ. (Čítať ďalej: Ukrajina: Poslanci vyzvali EÚ na sankcie voči ruským energetickým firmám)

Tlačové správy (druhá časť)

The end of the EP's seventh term will be followed by a presidential debate, election night, the formation of new political groups and the constitution of the new Parliament. (Read more: Series of events from end of seventh EP term to constitution of new EP)


Draft rules to ensure that harmful psychoactive substances, known as "legal highs", are withdrawn rapidly from the EU market were approved by Parliament on Thursday. MEPs sought to protect the health and safety of young people from these drugs, whilst ensuring that trade in lower risk substances for industrial and commercial uses is not hindered. Criminals who breach the ban on the most harmful substances could face up to ten years in jail. (Read more: Drugs: MEPs back rules to take harmful “legal highs” off the market faster)


Pomoc EÚ členským štátom a kandidátskym krajinám, ktoré postihnú povodne alebo iné prírodné katastrofy, bude rýchlejšia a efektívnejšia. Reforma fondu solidarity EÚ, ktorú v stredu schválil Európsky parlament, predĺži lehotu na podanie žiadosti o pomoc z 10 na 12 týždňov a umožní členským štátom okamžite čerpať 10% z jej predpokladanej výšky. Zjednodušia sa aj kritériá schvaľovania pomoci pri menších regionálnych katastrofách. Nové pravidlá už neformálne odobrili aj ministri členských štátov. (Čítať ďalej: Rýchlejšia pomoc EÚ pri prírodných katastrofách)


Operating rules for European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) aid to help fishermen to comply with new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) requirements were endorsed by Parliament on Wednesday. EMFF aid will help fishermen to observe the discard ban, e.g. by buying more selective fishing gear, but will also be used to improve safety and working conditions, data collection and port infrastructure. All this will help to make EU fisheries more sustainable. (Read more: New Fisheries Fund, signed and sealed, concludes EU fisheries policy reform)


Draft rules to simplify re-registering of car or motorbike when the owner moves to a new EU country were referred back to the Internal Market Committee on Wednesday for further discussion, because the Council of Ministers was not yet ready to close a deal on them. (Read more: MEPs refer new rules on re-registering cars back to committee )


Pracovníci, ktorí sú dočasne vyslaní do zahraničia, budú v budúcnosti lepšie chránení. Parlament v stredu schválil dohodu poslancov a Rady, ktorá vďaka parlamentným vyjednávačom jasne rozlišuje medzi skutočným vyslaním a snahou o obchádzanie zákona. Nové pravidlá poskytujú členským štátom istú flexibilitu pri vykonávaní inšpekcií a pre dodávateľov a ich subdodávateľov v stavebníctve zavádzajú princíp spoločnej a nerozdielnej zodpovednosti za porušovanie pracovného práva. (Čítať ďalej: Lepšia ochrana práv vyslaných pracovníkov)

Press release (17-04-2014 - 12:44 pm): #Ukraine: MEPs call for EU sanctions against Russian energy firms:
Press release (17-04-2014 - 12:26pm): #Drugs: MEPs back rules to take harmful “legal highs” off the market faster:
Press release: #Ukraine: MEPs call for EU sanctions against Russian energy firms:
Forward looking strategic partnership with #Japan, asked MEPs. Full press release:
#MEPs back cooperation agreement with South #Korea
#Eplenary debate on #Ukraine & #Russia continues live @
#HumanRights: Follow live from 3pm as #EPlenary debates situation in #Syria, #Pakistan & North Korea
#olegorlov @EP_HumanRights about situation in prisons in #Russia
#Tolokonnikova from #pussyriot tells prison experience in #Russia & welcomes #magnitsky list to be requested by EP
#Horn of #Africa - @EP_Defence discusses w/ @EUCAPNESTOR Head E.#dePoncins & @eu_eeas #CPCC G.#Janvier LIVE
#EU @NATO relations btw summits:@EP_Defence hears NATO H.#Brauss &R.#Froh & @EUDefenceAgency R.#Goos @3pm LIVESTREAM
What next after Dec EU summit? @EP_Defence meets w/ @EUDefenceAgency & #EUMC chair #Rousiers @10am LIVESTREAM
Development aid: new EU website provides easy & transparent #aid data
hearing on #Oneofus citizens' initiative. Agenda: Watch: #ECI
Child marriages, local development in Africa, future of humanitarian aid @EP_Development today. Starts now:
MEPs ask to ensure access for EU firms in trade talks with #Vietnam by 461 votes to 89 and 9 abs, rapp @ZahradilJan
MEPs today approved EUR 300 million in loans for #Tunisia, to complement #IMF programme. 488 votes to 51 and 17 abstain,rapp @vitalmoreira09
MEPs set out rules on handling dispute settlements in trade deals - 535 votes to 119 and 9 abst #ISDS @ZalewskiPawel
187 millions d'euros supplémentaires pour l'aide humanitaire d'urgence approuvés par la @EP Commission des Budgets:
#EU humanitarian aid at risk due to lack of 2014 funds to match promises:
EU must not let humanitarian aid bills go unpaid, lives are at risk: @Ep_budgets MEPs hear @KGeorgievaEU. More here:
What do @Ep_BudgControl MEPs think of EU spending in 2012? Check the outcome of #discharge2012 votes:
.@EP_BudgControl granted approved #EC spending in #discharge2012, albeit with political reservations. More to follow.
.@EP_BudgControl MEPs grant discharge to all agencies but electronic communications regulators in Riga. More here:
2/2 And some statistics on work done by ECON: 63 laws, 192 other reports/opinions/resolutions, +/-300 commitee mtgs, 300+ trialogue sessions
1/2Its a wrap! ECON ends work for legislature Here are the #bankingunion MEPs who characterised the session & Barnier
.@Rodi_Kratsa - EU should have long term investment funds
Parliament approved deal on #posted workers. Read press release:
Posting of Workers: Member States' representatives approved deal. More details on the agreement:
Posting of Workers: Parliament and Council reach a deal - Read press release:
#EPlenary adopts report by @BartStaes on #shipments of #waste with 524 votes to 12 and 41 abstentions
Status of #GMO #pollen in #honey - #EPlenary adopts report by @juliegirling w. 283 votes to 248 and 45 abs.
#MEPs back EU-wide plans to stem the spread of #invasivespecies Lead MEP @pavelpoc
#Eplenary just adopted #Innovation investment package/joint undertakings. Final texts & vote results will come here:
#Eplenary just adopted Herczog report on cutting costs for #broadband deployment: 639/18/20. Final text:
#EPlenary starting now. Votes on Tuesday #broadband costs & #Innovation live
Frustrated with deadlock in Council #EPlenary moves vote on @ToineMandersEP report on car reregistration to next term
Watch the press conf. with @SchaldemoseMEP, @spietikainen & Malcolm Harbour on #ProductSafety & #MarketSurveillance:
Press conf. on #ProductSafety & #MarketSurveillance Wednesday morning at 9.30 with @SchaldemoseMEP, @spietikainen & Malcolm Harbour
Parliament approves report on weights and dimensions, pushes for safer and greener #trucks
Informal agreement on the decision for deployment of EU-wide eCall approved in TRAN committee with 23 in favour, 7 against, 2 abstentions
Informal agreement on framework for maritime spatial planning approved in TRAN committee with 26 in favour, 4 against, 2 abstentions
Watch the video of the #EPlenary debate on the #EUSF: #REGI
Faster #EU aid in case of natural disasters: the new #EUSF #REGI #EPlenary
#EUSF agreement adopted w/ 525 votes in favour, 12 against, 41 abst. #REGI #EPlenary
#EPlenary raised no objections to #CAPreform #delegatedacts, @paolodecastro confirms. Read more:
Press conf on combating #foodwaste in the #EU with @paolodecastro & @Groote. Watch live at 16.00:
#EPlenary approves stronger measures to tackle #animaldiseases & #pests. Read more:
RT @AlainCadec: Grande satisfaction après l'adoption de mon rapport sur le #FEAMP. Un fonds de 6,4 M € pour une pêche compétitive http://t.…
RT @ECspokesHelene: EU's Fisheries reform means radical changes for fishermen and the whole sector - the fund is there to help them http://…
#EMFF concludes #CFPreform, press release Don't miss the press conf w/ @AlainCadec at 7pm
Agreement on EU action & selection process for the European capitals of Culture (Scurria report) approved by plenary
New rules facilitating restitution of illegally removed cultural objects adopted in plenary 626 in favor, 40 against
Vote ce matin en CULT sur la restitution d'objets culturels, vote final à Strasbourg 16/4 - l'essentiel resumé ici
New rules for non-financial #reporting backed by MEPs. Read more:
#EPlenary votes next week on #EAPO, non-financial #reporting, number of Judges at General Court... Agenda:
Press release - #Drugs: MEPs back rules to take harmful “legal highs” off the market faster
EU budget fraudsters to face tougher criminal penalties: draft rules on #fraud against #EUbudget adopted #EPlenary 577 votes to 36, 28 abst
#Euro #counterfeiting: EU-wide penalties for forgers & distributors approved by #EPlenary by 545 votes in favour, 8 against, 21 abstentions
Press release - Call for new investigatory powers for #MEPs #EP right of #inquiry
Press release - New rules on funding #EU political parties and foundations
Press release - New measures to encourage lobbyists to sign the EU #TransparencyRegister
#RomaDay: EU countries must end illegal expulsions & ethnic profiling, MEPs demand
Watch @EP_GenderEqual @ 10 am live: presentation of study gender mainstreaming:
Hearing live @15h Work-life Balance & Gender Equality. Live: Infographic shows why
RT @mvandenbroeke: #EP press team selfie on last day of last session in Strasbourg #EP2014
In 30 min: hearing on #Oneofus citizen's initiative. Agenda: Watch live #ECI @EP_Petitions
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