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The EU should do more to protect independent journalists and bloggers and human rights defenders, say MEPs in their report on the state of human rights in the world in 2015, approved by the Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday. Members point out that the "universality of human rights is seriously being challenged in many parts of the world" and say the EU "should ensure coherence between its internal and external policies with regard to respect for human rights". (Read more: Human rights in the world: 2015 annual report voted in Foreign Affairs Committee )


A twelve-strong delegation of MEPs will take part in UN (COP22) climate talks (COP22) in Marrakesh from Monday to Friday. Following the European Parliament’s ratification and the entry into force of the 2015 Paris agreement, these will focus on how to finance and share the efforts needed to keep climate warming well below 2 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels. (Read more: MEPs to participate in COP22 climate change conference in Marrakesh )


Plans to update EU civil aviation safety rules to address emerging risks were amended and approved by Transport and Tourism Committee MEPs on Thursday. The updated EU regulation will also introduce the EU-level requirements for drones, to ensure safety and privacy. (Read more: Aviation safety: transport MEPs back draft EU rules on drones and emerging risks )


MEPs say no to suspending EU structural funds for Spain and Portugal

REGI ECON Economic and monetary affairs / Regional policy08-11-2016 - 19:31

EU structural funding for Spain and Portugal should not be suspended, as this would only undermine investment, harm their economies and alienate their citizens from the EU project, MEPs agreed with Spanish economy minister Luis de Guindos and Portuguese finance minister Mário Centeno at a joint meeting of the Regional Development and Economic Affairs committees on Tuesday. (Read more: MEPs say no to suspending EU structural funds for Spain and Portugal )


To help farmers to cope with volatile prices, the EU must develop new risk and crisis management tools and strengthen their bargaining position in the food supply chain, says a non-legislative resolution voted in the Agriculture Committee on Tuesday. The supply chain should be made more transparent, and the EU budget more flexible, so that funds can be deployed faster to tackle crises, add MEPs. (Read more: Food price volatility: Agriculture MEPs call for new EU risk management tools )


Foreign affairs MEPs call for common EU defence policy

SEDE AFET External relations / Security and defence24-10-2016 - 22:07

The EU should tackle deteriorating security in and around Europe by helping its armed forces to work together better, as a first step in building a common defence policy, say Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs in two resolutions voted on Monday. Ideas include establishing an EU operational headquarters to plan, command and manage crisis management operations, setting a defence spending target of 2% of GDP and launching Common Defence and Security Policy training operation in Iraq. (Read more: Foreign affairs MEPs call for common EU defence policy )


Car emissions inquiry looking for answers from German authorities

EMIS Environment / Public health20-10-2016 - 16:15

The inquiry committee into emission measurements in the car industry (EMIS) continued its work on Thursday morning by hearing Alexander Dobrindt, the German Federal Minister of Transport and Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony’s State Minister for the Economy, Labour and Transport. (Read more: Car emissions inquiry looking for answers from German authorities )


Car emissions inquiry continues with Fiat-Chrysler

EMIS Environment / Public health17-10-2016 - 18:33

The inquiry committee into emission measurements in the car industry (EMIS) continued its work on Monday afternoon by hearing Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Chief Technical Officer Harald Wester, who was quizzed mainly on possible “defeat devices” in Fiat diesel engines and gap between emission values in laboratory testing and real driving conditions. (Read more: Car emissions inquiry continues with Fiat-Chrysler )

Lone rhino standing on open area looking for safety from poacher  

Environment MEPs advocate a full and immediate EU-wide ban on ivory and rhinoceros horn trade, and call for common sanctions at EU level against wildlife trafficking, in a resolution voted on Thursday. Wildlife trafficking is worth an estimated €20 billion annually. It has grown in recent years, becoming one of the biggest and most profitable forms of organised cross-border crime. (Read more: Wildlife trafficking: Environment MEPs call for ivory trade ban and EU penalties )


An EU country facing an emergency gas shortage could call on other member states to supply it with gas via “supply corridors” that would link EU countries into seven transnational regions, under a draft law enshrining a “regional solidarity mechanism”, as amended and approved by the Energy Committee on Thursday. The committee also approved a separate draft law that would require member states to notify the EU Commission when they negotiate energy supply deals with third parties. (Read more: Gas: energy MEPs back draft law on emergency supply links between EU countries )