Basic information

Procedure COM(2017)0255

Action plan on the reinforcement of SOLVIT: bringing the benefits of the single market to citizens and businesses

Preparatory phase in Parliament

Commission document (COM)


1.20.05 Public access to information and documents, administrative practice

2.80 Cooperation between administrations

Key players

European Parliament

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Committee responsible Rapporteur Appointed
Committee responsible IMCO Internal Market and Consumer Protection Rapporteur
Committee for opinion Rapporteur for opinion Appointed
Committee for opinion EMPL Employment and Social Affairs Rapporteur for opinion
Committee for opinion PETI Petitions Rapporteur for opinion

Key events

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02/05/2017 Internal referral to parliamentary committee(s)

Technical information

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Information document reference COM(2017)0255
Type of document Commission document (COM)
Stage reached Preparatory phase in Parliament

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European Commission

Commission document (COM) COM(2017)0255 Eur-Lex link 02/05/2017


Commission document (COM) COM(2017)0255 Eur-Lex link 02/05/2017