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 Subject files

Financial Regulation

Financial regulation © European Union
The CONT Committee is currently working, jointly with BUDG Committee, on a legislative report on the financial rules applicable to the annual budget of the Union. The European Commission presented a proposal aiming at replacing the existing Financial Regulation 1605/2002 of 26.06.2002. The Financial Regulation contains all the principles and rules governing the implementation of the EU budget. It has a horizontal character, being applicable to all areas of expenditure and all revenue.
The ongoing revision of the European financial rules aims at simplification of the existing rules with regard to grants and procurement, obtaining more results with limited resources, and increasing accountability in spending EU funds.

Financial Regulation

Financial Regulation
In October 2012 a new Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union was adopted by Parliament and Council.
Together with its rules of application it is in force since 1 January 2013.
The new rules have brought changes in terms of:
- simplification (cutting red tape, speeding up procedures, in particular the time-to-grant, and shifting the focus from paperwork to performance)
- accountability (ensuring enhanced sound financial management and the protection of the EU’s financial interests), and
- leverage: (introducing financial mechanisms which will enable the mobilisation of third-party funds as leverage on EU funds).

Cigarette smuggling

tobacco 2.jpg
Working document on the Agreements with the tobacco industry and fight with the illicit tobacco
This working document presents the main recommendations issued by CONT Committee in conclusion of the Workshop on cigarette smuggling organised on 22 January 2014.
It stresses in particular the difference in opinions between experts whether new tobacco agreements should be made or existing agreements reviewed and points out the need to control and prevent the illegal diversion of raw tobacco, acetate tow and cigarette papers.
Having put the issue in the broader context set up by the new tobacco directive, CONT asks to intensify national initiatives and deepen cross border cooperation to combat smuggling.  
Rapporteur: Bart Staes (Greens)

Protection of financial interests

Protection of financial interests
The proposal has been attributed jointly (Rule 51 of the EP Rules of Procedure) to the Budgetary Control Committee and the Committe on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs with Legal Affairs Committee as associated committee (Rule 50 of the EP Rules of Procedure).
The respective rapporteurs are Ingeborg Graessle for CONT, Juan Fernando López Aguilar for LIBE, and Tadeusz Zwiefka is the draftsman for JURI.
According to Rule 51, CONT and LIBE will draw a joint draft report which shall be examined and voted on by the committees concerned, under the joint chairmanship of the committee Chairs.
At all stages of the procedure, the rights attaching to the status of committee responsible may be exercised by the committees concerned only when they are acting jointly. The committees involved may set up working groups to prepare the meetings and votes.
At the first meeting of the co-rapporteurs it was agreed that the tentative timing for delivering a first draft of the joint report should be September 2013.

Resignation of the former Commissioner John Dalli

"John Dalli"© EC, European Union
Questionnaire from the Committee on Budgetary Control to OLAF and to the Commission Secretariat concerning the resignation of the former Commissioner John Dalli.