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Archived on July 2009, 1st - These pages are not updated.

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The EP/Canada Delegation is one of the oldest Delegations established by the EP (first meeting: March 1975).
The meetings (held annually) have generally underlined the excellent state of relations between the EU and Canada.
In recent meetings, a parallelism was to be noted in discussions concerning EU institutional developments and the constitutional debate in Canada, both sides showing interest on questions of sovereignty and subsidiarity.
The most recent meetings were characterised by the wide breadth of topics discussed. Asylum and immigration policies, climate change, forestry, biotechnology, GMOs, and security issues formed the backbone of the bilateral agenda and the basis of a constructive dialogue. Both sides attached importance to the successful launching of a new round of WTO negotiations at Doha and stressed the opportunities for strengthening trade relations; in general, both sides showed a broad agreement on multilateral approaches to global challenges.
The Delegation supported in particular negotiations for a comprehensive TIEA (Trade and Investment Enhancement Agreement) as well as studies aimed at exploring possibilities for an integrated "Transatlantic market".
Among the more delicate issues were problems linked to fisheries and animal welfare (and, in particular, seal hunting and the trade in seal products).
A Delegation from the Canadian Parliament visited the EU lastly in November 2007, and held a successful 30th interparliamentary EP/Canada meeting.