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Curtha sa chartlann an 1 Iúil 2009 – Níl na leathanaigh seo tugtha cothrom le dáta.

Doiciméid do na cruinnithe
Presentation and competencies

The Association Agreement between the EU and Mexico, signed in Brussels on 8 December 1997, envisages the creation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee, whose main task is to monitor the application of the agreement and to make proposals with a view to improving its operation. The committee comprises two delegations with an equal number of members from the European Parliament and from the Mexican Senate/Chamber of Deputies respectively.
The committee, set up at the beginning of this legislative period, holds two meetings a year, alternately in Mexico and the EU. At these meetings, apart from discussions between the members of the two delegations, seminars are also held on topical subjects which may influence relations between the two parties, such as emigration or the role of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Agreement. Both external experts and representatives of other EU institutions participate in these seminars.
The bureaux of the two delegations hold several meetings per year.
When meetings of the Parliamentary Committee are held in Mexico, the European members also meet representatives of civil society and familiarise themselves with projects funded by the EU.
During the year, an average of eight preparatory meetings of the EP delegation are held in Brussels and Strasbourg.
The European Parliament has adopted a report on murder of women in Mexico, and as a result several delegations composed of Mexican MPs or representatives of civil society have participated in meetings at Parliament’s places of work.