Revision of Key Concepts Document - Article 7(4) of Directive 2009/147/EC

Question for written answer P-000210/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Giancarlo Scottà (ENF), Danilo Oscar Lancini (ENF)

16-01-2019 P-000210/2019

Brexit Legal Advice

Question for written answer P-000188/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Daniel Hannan (ECR)

16-01-2019 P-000188/2019

Patents on vegetables and plants

Question for written answer P-000180/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Jan Huitema (ALDE)

16-01-2019 P-000180/2019

EU action to bring back jobs that have been relocated

Question for written answer P-000140/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Jeppe Kofod (S&D)

14-01-2019 P-000140/2019

Emergency aid in light of Brexit

Question for written answer P-000126/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Matt Carthy (GUE/NGL)

11-01-2019 P-000126/2019

Compliance check in land registry case C-601/10

Question for written answer P-000107/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Miltiadis Kyrkos (S&D)

10-01-2019 P-000107/2019

The EU's position on the Irish Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018

Question for written answer P-000081/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Patrick Le Hyaric (GUE/NGL)

09-01-2019 P-000081/2019

Dangerous publications on paying Greek stockbreeders to abandon production

Question for written answer P-000066/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Manolis Kefalogiannis (PPE)

09-01-2019 P-000066/2019

Reduced allowances for non-resident children of EU citizens working in Austria

Question for written answer P-000037/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Siegfried Mureşan (PPE)

08-01-2019 P-000037/2019

Migrants and human rights violations

Question for written answer P-000018/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Andrea Cozzolino (S&D)

07-01-2019 P-000018/2019


Parliamentary questions

Parliamentary questions are questions addressed by Members of the European Parliament to other European Union Institutions and bodies. They are a direct form of parliamentary scrutiny of other EU institutions and bodies.
There are three categories of parliamentary question:

  • Questions for oral answer dealt with during plenary sittings, and included in the day's debates. They may be followed by a resolution ( Rule 128)
  • Questions for Question Time asked during the period set aside for questions during plenary sittings ( Rule 129)
  • Written questions with a request for a written answer ( Rule 130)