Proposal for a union act on enhancing plasma collection in the European Union

18-12-2018 B8-0591/2018 Ongoing

Nicola CAPUTO , Annie SCHREIJER-PIERIK , Frédérique RIES , Biljana BORZAN , Miroslav MIKOLÁŠIK , José Inácio FARIA , Margrete AUKEN , Rory PALMER , Kateřina KONEČNÁ , Guillaume BALAS

Proposal for a union act on strengthening the position of farmers in the food supply chain

01-06-2017 B8-0303/2017 Lapsed

Nicola CAPUTO , Eric ANDRIEU , Marc TARABELLA , Zbigniew KUŹMIUK , Marco ZULLO , José BOVÉ , Luke Ming FLANAGAN

Proposal for a union act on the screening of foreign investment in strategic sectors

26-04-2017 B8-0302/2017 Lapsed

Daniel CASPARY , Manfred WEBER , Tokia SAÏFI , Iuliu WINKLER , Salvatore CICU , Franck PROUST , Godelieve QUISTHOUDT-ROWOHL , Viviane REDING , Andreas SCHWAB , Adam SZEJNFELD

Proposal for a union act on differences in the declarations, composition and taste of products in central/eastern and western markets of the EU

26-04-2017 B8-0301/2017 Lapsed

Dubravka ŠUICA , György HÖLVÉNYI , Miroslav MIKOLÁŠIK , Inese VAIDERE , Renate SOMMER , Michaela ŠOJDROVÁ , Nicola CAPUTO , Biljana BORZAN , Jana ŽITŇANSKÁ , Ivo VAJGL


Proposals for a Union act: the concept

Any Member may table a proposal requesting the Commission to propose a Union act (a new act or the amendment of an existing act) on the basis of the right of initiative granted to Parliament under Article 225 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

Proposals for a Union act: procedure

  • Up to 10 Members may table jointly a proposal for a Union act. The proposal shall indicate its legal basis and may be accompanied by an explanatory statement of no more than 150 words.
  • The President shall verify whether the legal requirements are fulfilled. He may refer the proposal for an opinion on the appropriateness of the legal basis to the committee responsible for such verification. If the President declares the proposal admissible, he shall announce it in plenary and refer it to the committee responsible.
  • The committee responsible shall take a decision on further action within three months of the referral, after giving the authors of the proposal the opportunity to address the committee.
  • The authors of the proposal shall be named in the title of the report.

Proposals for a Union act: distribution

Proposals for a Union act are published in the official languages and available on Parliament's website.