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Daily Notebook: 25-10-96(1)

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Fisheries .

(A4-0306/96) Kindermann
(A4-0271/96) D'Aboville
(A4-0270/96) Gallagher
(A4-0305/96) McKenna
On behalf of the Fisheries committee, Heinz Kindermann (D,PES) recommended a Commission proposal for a change in the rules to allow EU funding to promote sales of both locally caught fish and fish farmed product arguing that it could act as a quality guarantee. The report was approved without amendment.

Gerard D'Aboville (F, UFE) recommended approval of a fisheries agreement with the Seychelles to run from January 1996 to January 1999. He believes providing access to Seychelles for 42 siners and 15 surface longliners will stimulate employment for European and local fisherman but is keen to see proper conservation measures in place. The report and amendments was approved.

Pat the Cope Gallagher (Connacht/Ulster, UFE) in his report demanded the immediate implementation of the Commission's technical proposals (already in place) to encourage conservation stating current measures were inadequate. Amendments tabled by ELDR on technical netting measures were inadequate and the socio-economic impact of equipment were all accepted. The proposal was approved with amendments.

Paul Lannoye (B, V) presented in place of Patricia McKenna, (Dublin, Greens) the Committee's reaction to the Commission's report on the Common Fisheries Policy. The report said that monitoring of fishing activities was very poor with 9 out of 13 states not achieving the lines of Multi-Annual Guidance Programme. In the debate MEPs complained about the lack of the Fishing Commissioner and that fishing was regulated to a Friday morning. The proposal was approved with no amendments.

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Salmon .

A joint resolution was approved covering the crisis in the salmon market and deplores Member states failure to propose constructive measure as salmon production and processing especially in Scotland and Ireland is a vital source of employment.

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Agriculture .

(A4-0301/96) Hyland
Hyland proposed extension to rural development policy and the development of a rural charter. MEPs in debate stressed the importance of protecting rural areas. Needle said 1 in 4 of people in rural areas living in poverty. Hallam said countryside was not a museum. An amendment tabled by UFE group on preserving cultural and regional and identity along with the proposal approved.

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Agricultural Products .

Agricultural Products
Mr Alan Gillis (Leinster, EPP) recommended the processing of agricultural products and the technical measures required which was approved by MEPS. The request of the Agricultural Commissioner was requested.

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Olive Oil .

Olive Oil
A joint resolution strongly calling on the Commission to submit a report on the functioning of the system of aid for the production of olive oil and urging the Commission to assess various alternatives was approved. Commissioner Edith Cresson responding said evidence of fraud scans in the market sector and said flexible measures would be adopted.

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