Chamber seating plan

Chamber seating plan

For plenary sittings, the 766 Members of the European Parliament meet in the Chambers in Strasbourg and Brussels.

How are the seats allocated ?

The rules which determine the allocation of seats in each Chamber are laid down by the Conference of Presidents:

  • Members of the European Parliament form groups based on their political affinity, not on their nationality.
  • The Chairs of political groups sit in the first row in the semi-circle opposite the President of the European Parliament.
  • The third row is usually occupied by Bureau members (Vice-Presidents and Quaestors).
  • Within the political groups, the remaining seats are generally allocated in alphabetical order.

Chamber seating plans

The two plans contain:

  • a list indicating, in numerical order for each seat, the name of the Member to whom this seat is allocated;
  • a list indicating, in alphabetical order for each Member, the number of the seat which is allocated to that Member.

The seat numbering in Strasbourg and Brussels is different and a Member may occasionally occupy another place for technical or organisational reasons.

These lists are updated for each part-session.