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Parliamentary questions
2 April 1998
Answer given by Mr Pinheiro on behalf of the Commission

In talks with the government of Equatorial Guinea on the events referred to by the Honourable Member, the Commission, working closely with the Member States, has voiced grave concern at the serious human rights violations on these occasions by the police.

Following a number of approaches by the Commission, the authorities said that those who had violated human rights would be tried and punished. In addition, those found guilty of the armed attack against the police on 21 January would be brought to a public trial which Community observers could attend.

The best way to protect minorities is through the establishment of democracy. The Commission would stress the need to protect human rights whether the individuals involved belong to minorities or not. It would also point to the importance of respect for the cultural identity and rights of minorities which they must be able to exercise together with other members of their group.

The gradual resumption of cooperation with Equatorial Guinea depends on the progress it makes on respecting human rights, democratic principle and the rule of law, in accordance with Article 5 of the fourth Lomé Convention.

OJ C 310, 09/10/1998 (p. 98)
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