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Parliamentary questions
18 April 2001
Answer given by Ms Diamantopoulou on behalf of the Commission

As was pointed out in the Commission's answer to Written Question E-4100/00 from the Honourable Member(1), in certain situations, depending on the nature of the post to be filled, it may be justified to require applicants for a job to have a very high standard of knowledge of languages.

However, the fact that it is impossible to submit proof of this knowledge of languages by any other means than that the applicant is a native speaker of the language concerned could be considered disproportionate in relation to the aim in view.

It follows that the native speaker criterion could be considered to be discriminatory and thus incompatible with the Community rules on the freedom of movement of workers in the Community.

(1)OJ C 174 E, 19.6.2001.

OJ C 235 E, 21/08/2001 (p. 245)
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