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Parliamentary questions
2 June 2010

The Council is aware of the legislative amendment referred to by the Honourable Members. However, at this stage, it is not in a position to comment on its specific provisions.

In general terms, the position of the Council regarding the principles of democracy and human rights, including women's rights, is very clear. As a candidate country, Turkey has to meet the Copenhagen political criteria, including the stability of institutions guaranteeing the rule of law and human rights. Turkey's progress in the negotiations is measured, inter alia, against this requirement.

In line with the Negotiating framework adopted in 2005, the Union expects Turkey to sustain the process of reform and to work towards further improvement in respect of the principles of liberty, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to consolidate and broaden legislation and implementation measures in relation to, inter alia, women's rights. Furthermore, the promotion of women's rights by Turkey forms one of the short-term priorities enshrined in the revised Accession Partnership.

More recently, the Council in its conclusions of 8 December 2009 reaffirmed that further efforts to ensure that Turkey fully meets the Copenhagen criteria are required in a number of areas, including women's rights.

The Honourable Members can be assured that close monitoring and evaluation of the situation on the ground is ongoing. Progress continues to be closely monitored by the Commission, which reports regularly on it to the Council. The issue of human rights will continue to be raised at all levels as appropriate, as was the case in the latest political dialogue meeting held on 10 February 2010, as well as at the Association Committee meeting of 26 March 2010.

OJ C 138 E, 07/05/2011
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