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Parliamentary questions
11 August 2010
Answer given by Mr Potočnik on behalf of the Commission

The Commission supports the involvement of European environmental NGOs in the policy process through annual call for proposals for operating grants under the LIFE+ Regulation(1), in the priority areas of the 6th Environmental Action Programme, i.e. climate change, nature and biodiversity, environment and health, natural resources and waste, and horizontal issues.

1. RREUSE applied for co-funding for its activities in the annual call for proposals published in October 2009 relating to co-funding during the 2010 financial year. The application was evaluated strictly and objectively against the award criteria set out in the call for proposals. All priority policy areas listed above are given equal weight in this process.

RREUSE has been successful in the annual calls for proposals in preceding years, but the awarding of a grant in one year does not mean that an organisation is guaranteed to receive funding in subsequent years. The outcome of each yearly selection depends on the comparative quality of the proposals received, and only the proposals which are given the highest scores by the evaluation panel can be selected within the limitations of the overall budget. The fact that RREUSE was not among those that could be selected for 2010 has however no implications for the chances for this organisation to succeed in the next annual call for proposals.

2. The next call for proposals for NGO operating grants under LIFE+ is planned to be published in October 2010. There are no other funding programmes dedicated to co-funding the operation of European environmental NGOs.

The main part of the total budget under LIFE+ is devoted to co-funding of projects (action grants). Action grants do not have the purpose of funding operational activities of NGOs, but could be explored by RREUSE as a potential funding source for specific projects. A call for proposals was published on 4 May 2010, relating to co-financing of projects under three headings: nature and biodiversity; environment policy and governance; and information and communication. The deadline for applications is 1 September 2010.

(1)Regulation (EC) No 614/2007 of the Parliament and of the Council of 23 May 2007 concerning the Financial Instrument for the Environment (Life+), OJ L 149, 9.6.2007.

OJ C 170 E, 10/06/2011
Last updated: 17 August 2010Legal notice