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Parliamentary questions
15 November 2010

As the Honourable Member correctly states, leave entitlements of European officials are laid down in Title IV, Chapter 2 as well as in Annex V of the Staff Regulations(1). On that basis, officials receive each year, including the years 2006 to 2010 mentioned by the Honourable Member, 24 days of basic leave entitlement. Moreover, officials are entitled to an additional one to six days of leave depending on their age, the total of those days with the basic entitlement being 30 days maximum per year. The grade and step of Council officials are however not relevant for their leave entitlement.

The Council, when negotiating the new Staff Regulations in 2003‑04, examined the extension of leave entitlement by travelling time and considered it appropriate to maintain the provisions of Annex V Section 3 of the Staff Regulations.

It is correct that, on the basis of Article 61 of the Staff Regulations, officials are granted public holidays (including office closing days) in addition to their leave days. The number of these public holidays which is fixed each year by agreement between the institutions, after consulting the Staff Regulations Committee, and which includes the period between Christmas and New Year's Day, amounted/amounts to:

18 days in 2006,
19 days in 2007,
17 days in 2008,
17 days in 2009,
17 days in 2010.

The number of leave days to which a 54 year old official from Austria is entitled, assuming that Vienna is the place of origin, amounts to 33 days. To this figure are added the office closing days (including public holidays) the number of which depends on the year (see above).

The 33 leave days are made up of:

24 days of basic leave entitlement,
5 days of age-related entitlement,
4 days of travelling time if Vienna is the place of origin.

(1)Regulation No 31 (EEC), 11 (EAEC), OJ 45, 14.06.1962, p. 1385, as amended.

OJ C 191 E, 01/07/2011
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