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Parliamentary questions
28 June 2011
Joint answer given by Mr Hahn on behalf of the Commission
Written questions : E-004497/11 , E-004768/11

In accordance with the principle of subsidiarity, Structural Fund interventions are implemented under shared management. In this context, the design, preparation, implementation (including project selection), monitoring, audit and evaluation of co-funded interventions under the programmes is the responsibility of the national authorities. The Member States do not inform the Commission about individual projects, unless they are major projects in the sense of the relevant regulations. Therefore, the Commission does not obtain details of implementation of individual projects, except for major projects. However, if projects are incomplete of the absence of programmes, the Commission can proceed to financial corrections, where warranted.

According to the information provided by the Greek authorities, for the 2000‑06 period, the total expenditure for works on ports and marinas in Greece was EUR 485 million of which the Structural Funds have contributed EUR 360 million. For the 2007‑13 period, the indicative amount foreseen for ports is EUR 279 million. As regards the port of Mykonos, according to the information received from the Greek authorities, two separate projects have been supported. The project ‘Arrangement of land areas on the site of the old port of Mykonos’ is co-financed under the ‘Crete and Aegean Islands 2007‑13’ programme. The second project, ‘Port of Mykonos’, is co-financed under the programme ‘Road axis, Ports, Urban Development’ for the 2000‑06 period and under the programme ‘Accessibility Improvement’ for the 2007‑13 period. According to the information received, this project concerns works servicing primarily the passengers and commercial boats in the Tourlou area and, secondly, the marina which operates in the same area. The monitoring and the sound financial management of the relevant programmes take place within the context of the rules governing the Structural Funds as well as other EU policies and laws and the Member States are responsible for ensuring compliance with these rules.

The Commission is not aware of any evaluation study concerning the ports. The Commission is currently assessing the closure of the programmes for the 2000‑06 period. In this context, if the specific projects are unfinished or incomplete, then the Commission will take all necessary actions, including possible financial corrections, as envisaged by the relevant regulatory provisions. In addition, the closure of all programmes entails controls which in case of proven misuse of funds preview concrete measures. As such, their closure will be examined under the requirements of the relevant legislation at the programme's closure. The Commission will take account of the Honourable Members’ concerns during the closure process.

The Commission invites the Honourable Member to address his enquiries to the managing authorities of the programmes in question. Contact details can be found at http://www.epoalaa.gr and http://www.pepba.gr

OJ C 365 E, 15/12/2011
Last updated: 13 July 2011Legal notice