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Parliamentary questions
30 July 2013
Joint answer given by Mr Potočnik on behalf of the Commission
Written questions :E-005917/13 , P-006951/13 , E-006149/13 , E-006579/13

As regards a potential ban of the use of cyanide mining technologies in the EU the Commission would refer the Honourable Members to its answer to Written Question E-6197/2012(1) by Mr Hassi and Mr Pietikäinen.

As regards mining activities in Corcoresto the Commission would refer the Honourable Members to its answers to Written Questions E-6057/2012 and E-329/2013 by Ms Miranda, E-3515/2013 by Mr Sánchez Presedo and P-5367/2013 by Mr Sosa Wagner(2). The Commission is currently assessing the reply provided by Spain in order to verify full compliance with EU environmental legislation.

As regards mining activities in the Khalkidhiki, the Commission would refer the Honourable Members to its answers to Written Questions E-4129/2012 by Mr Tsoukalas and P-9365/2012 by Mr Chrysogelos(3).

More generally, the Commission would point out that a comprehensive set of rules is in place in the EU to control the safety of mining waste facilities, to prevent the occurrence of accidents and minimise their environmental impacts. In particular, the Mining Waste Directive(4) provides for permitting procedures, requirements relating to construction and management of waste facilities, to accident prevention policy for the facilities in which toxic substances are stored and to financial guarantees for possible rehabilitation of land affected by the waste facility.

In addition, strict limit values are included in the Mining Waste Directive for cyanide concentration before its storage in ponds.

The Commission's services are currently developing guidelines for inspection of mining waste facilities following a study finalised in 2012(5).

(4)Directive 2006/21/EC on the management of waste from extractive industries; OJ L 102, 11.4.2006, p. 15.

OJ C 229, 17/07/2014
Last updated: 27 August 2013Legal notice