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Parliamentary questions
23 October 2007
Answer given by Mr Kyprianou on behalf of the Commission

The Commission is aware of the report published by the BioInitiative Working Group. It will ask its independent Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) to examine this report, to assess and explain the grounds for the conclusions drawn by BioInitiative which diverge from the results of the assessment of potential health impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) prepared by the SCENIHR upon the Commission's request, which was adopted in March 2007. In its opinion, the SCENIHR highlights the need for more data on several aspects and recommends research priorities, which could be taken into account in the Seventh EU Research Framework Programme. However, the findings presented by the SCENIHR do not point out a need for a revision of the applicable standards. The Commission will carefully consider the results of the assessment of the BioInitiative report by SCENIHR and take due account of any new evidence emerging from such assessment.

To provide relevant, authoritative, and timely input for policy development at the EU level and elsewhere and to avoid research results being misinterpreted or inappropriately applied to other sources or exposure conditions, there is a continuous need for health risk assessment and interpretation of research results. In recent years, independent reviews have been carried out by the World Health Organisation (WHO) International EMF project(1), which is providing, in particular, health risk assessment, and the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)(2), which regularly reviews new literature and gives guidelines on human exposure to EMF.

The large EMF-NET coordination action(3), funded by the Sixth EU Research Framework Programme, is providing interpretation reports on research results to policy and health authorities of the European Union. After a thorough review of not only scientific results, but also of all other kinds of reports, fact-sheets, and expert opinions available, it has drawn conclusions and published on its website a number of reports related to health impacts of exposure to EMF. This Coordination action has been asked to comment on the contents of the BioInitiative report.

(3)EMF-NET. Effects of the exposure to electromagnetic fields: From science to public health and safer workplace — www.jrc.cec.eu.int/emf-net

OJ C 191, 29/07/2008
Last updated: 7 November 2007Legal notice