"Welcome" scoops LUX film prize

Culture - 25-11-2009 - 14:39
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French Director of "Welcome" Philippe Lioret receives the 2009 LUX prize

French Director of "Welcome" Philippe Lioret receives the 2009 LUX prize

A film about a would-be Kurdish immigrant to Britain who is befriended by a swimming teacher has won the annual LUX film prize. Directed by French film maker Philippe Lioret, "Welcome" has received widespread praise from critics since being released earlier this year. It came ahead of "Sturm" and "Eastern Plays", films which looked at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunals and Neo-Nazism respectively.

Prior to awarding the prize EP President Jerzy Buzek said that "the LUX prize is a young and forward-looking initiative. We want the medium of film to spark debate on subjects that attract public attention in the EU Members, and give rise to questions that can be of relevance to us all, questions that are also relevant to this Parliament".
Accepting the award Philippe Lioret told the Chamber that "the impact the film had on French society made me change. We started as filmmakers and then turned into citizens".
The winner was chosen by Members of the European Parliament who could cast their vote for the shortlisted films.
23 languages, 27 prints
The 87,000 euro prize will finance the subtitling of the winning film in the 23 official EU languages and the production of a 35 mm print per EU country or a contribution to the DVD release. The hope is that it will me more accessible to viewers throughout the Union.
Since 2007, the European Parliament has supported the European film industry by awarding the prize annually.
The aim is to help break down language barriers that often hinder the circulation of films throughout Europe. It also helps to contribute to the raising of social issues across Europe.
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