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Committee on Petitions





Monday 4 May 2015, 15.00 – 18.30

Tuesday 5 May 2015, 9.00 – 12.30 and 15.00 – 18.30


Room ASP A1G-3



1. Adoption of draft agenda (1)                                                            PE 554.994

                                                                                                                 FdR 1059230



2. Chairman's announcements




3. Any other business






()   In accordance with the committee’s decision of 30 September 1997, on the basis of working document PE 223.544, items in sections B of the draft agenda will not be discussed during the current meeting. However any member may ask before the end of the meeting for an item in section B to be moved to section A; it will then be automatically included in section A for discussion at a subsequent meeting.



In the presence of the European Commission


A.  Petitions for discussion in committee on the basis of the Commission's written reply or other documents received



Delegation from the Bundestag, Germany



- Statement by the Head of Delegation


- Exchange of views with the Members







Petition 0954/2011 by M. S. (German), on alleged unequal treatment in connection with the charging of tolls for the Felbertauern Tunnel in Austria


PE 483.601/REV. II

FdR 1029355



Free movement of goods



Petition 1281/2012 by B. R. (German) on provisions banning discounts for medicines supplied to patients in Germany

CM– PE 536.055

FdR 1030782


Free movement of persons



Petition 2545/2013 by John Hildebrand (German), on unequal treatment of a German student in the Netherlands



Agriculture - Health



Petition 1071/2012 by Bernhard Kletzenbauer (German) on genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

CM– PE 537.413

FdR 1034176






from 16:45 to 18:30 (in camera)



Coordinators' meeting

* * *


Tuesday 5 May 2015


at 09:00




Chair's announcements concerning Coordinators' decisions



*** Voting time ***



Opinion on the Follow-up to the European Citizens' Initiative "Right2Water" (for ENVI)

(2014/2239 (INI))

Rapporteur : AUKEN (GREENS )

- adoption of a draft opinion

PA– PE 551.864

FdR 1053143


AM– PE 554.894

FdR 1058344




Opinion on the 30th and 31st Annual reports on monitoring the application of EU Law (2012-2013)

(2014/2253 (INI)) (for JURI)

Rapporteur : ESTARAS (PPE)

(deadline for AM : 30.03.2015 )

- adoption of a draft opinion

PAPE 549.428

FdR 1051858


AM– PE 554.703

FdR 1058176


*** End of voting ***





Petition 0760/2007 by Cosimo Fracasso (Italian) and 'Peacelink', on a dioxin alarm in Taranto

(possibly in the presence of the petitioner)


Petition 2207/2013 by Violante Sion (Italian) concerning environmental pollution caused by the ILVA plant in Taranto

(possibly in the presence of the petitioner)


PE 404.458/REV. VI

FdR 1052964



Petition 2191/2013 by Piero Bruni (Italian), on pollution of Lake Bolsena.

(possibly in the presence of the petitioner)

CM– PE 551.817

FdR 1052984



Petition 0323/2011 by Alejandro Sanchez (Spanish), on behalf of ‘Fundacion Equo’, on the alleged infringement of Directive 2008/50/EC of 21 May 2008 on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe by the Community of Madrid and Madrid City Council, Spain

(possibly in the presence of the petitioner)


PE 475.824/REV. II

FdR 1044176

* * *


from 15:00 to 16:00



Meeting with 1st Vice-President Frans Timmermans



- Statement by 1st Vice-President Frans Timmermans


- Exchange of views with the Members



at 16:00


Custody rights (Jugendamt)

(possibly in the presence of petitioners)



Petition 0128/2007 by Thomas Porombka (German) on arbitrary measures taken by the German child and youth welfare office (Jugendamt)




Petition 1614/2009 by Marinella Colombo (Italian), with more than 2.000 signatures, on the German Youth Welfare Department (Jugendamt) and the German family authorities' discrimination against foreign nationals


PE 443.183/REV. III

FdR 1022738



Petition 0760/2011 by Rodulfo Galido Torres (Columbian), on abusive measures taken by the German Office for Children and Young People (Jugendamt)




Petition 1079/2011 by Aris Christidis (Greek and German), on alleged infringement of civil and human rights by the German judicial authorities




Petition 1372/2011 by Marcin Gall (Polish), on behalf of the International Association against Discrimination against Children in Germany’, on the ban on the use of Polish in connection with supervised contact (Jugendamt)

CM– PE 502.167

FdR 922995



Petition 0435/2012 by P.B. (French), on lack of access to his daughter who is under age and the German authorities’ related breach of Council Regulation (EC) 2201/2003 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in matrimonial matters and in matters of parental responsibility

CM– PE 504.248

FdR 925839



Petition 0477/2012 by Malgorzata Karolina Simon (Polish) on her protest against the German youth welfare office (Jugendamt) and the German family courts’ decisions

CM– PE 524.840

FdR 1012858



Petition 0520/2012 by Irena Mischitsch (German), concerning the German youth welfare office (Jugendamt)


Petition 0526/2012 Helga Simpson (German), on the removal of her son from home (Jugendamt)


Petition 0560/2012 by Gerhard Jüttner (German), on the neglect of children in care homes and children’s homes and the responsibility of the German youth welfare office (Jugendamt)

CM– PE 524.841

FdR 1012859



Petition 0531/2012 by Marcela Alejandra Springmann (Italian), on the placement of her son with his grandmother (Jugendamt,Germany)

CM– PE 524.842

FdR 1012860



Petition 0979/2012 by Luc Gigou (French), on the Jugendamt in Germany, on its operating methods and the discriminatory nature of its administrative measures

and by Luca Putin (Italian) on a similar case


Petition 1060/2012 by Luc Gigou (French), on alleged discrimination against foreign parents in Germany’s law and by German courts with regard to parental authority over children born to spouses of different nationalities (Jugendamt)

CM– PE 519.615

FdR 1004010




CM– PE 514.944

FdR 943038



Petition 0984/2012 by Alain Joly (French), on the respect of the rights of parents in Germany in relation to the operating methods of the Jugendamt institution




Petition 1278/2012 by M. N. (German), concerning the Jugendamt (Youth Authority) and compliance with legal judgments under German family law

CM– PE 514,909

FdR 942942



Petition 1871/2012 by Andrea Herfurth (German) concerning the German Youth Office (Jugendamt) and recognition of judgments in the field of German family law

CM– PE 532.466

FdR 1031800



Petition 1901/2012 by Patrick Fossier (French) concerning the German Youth Office (Jugendamt)

CM– PE 528.166

FdR 1018325



Petition 0049/2013 by Pascal Roy (French) on custody of his children (Jugendamt)

CM– PE 528.176

FdR 1018336



Petition 0059/2013 by Manuela Michel (German), on the German Jugendamt (Youth Welfare Service)

CM– PE 532.470

FdR 1028538



Petition 0460/2013 by Laura Marini (Italian), on discrimination against foreign parents in Germany (Jugendamt)





Petition 0515/2013 by Dezider Turko (Czech), on Jugendamt in Germany

CM– PE 532.527

FdR 1028670



Petition 0624/2013 by A. O. (Romanian) concerning the recognition of custody rulings in the European Union and compliance therewith (Germany/Luxemburg/Romania)




Petition 0643/2013by E. O. (German) on the conduct of the Jugendamt in Darmstadt




Petition 1784/2013 by Lionel Stéphane Gilberti (French) on abuse of the EAW in the family matters and abandonment of family because of alleged non-payment of alimony or maintenance advances (Jugendamt)

CM– PE 544.238

FdR 1042176


JURI opinion



Petition 2317/2013 by Lorellay Reggentin (Croatian), on the taking into care of her son by the Jugendamt [Youth Office]


LT Hamburg



Petition 2459/2013 by F.S. (Italian), on granting of the custody of her daughter by Jugendamt, and child abuse




Petition 0007/2014 by Malgorzata Antczak (Polish), on the actions of the Jugendamt Kleve (youth welfare office in Kleve, Germany)




Petition 1158/2014 by Angelina Richter (German), and one co-signatory, on the German Youth Authority (Jugendamt)










* * *





B.  Petitions which it is proposed to close in the light of the Commission's written reply or other documents received



Petition 1139/2010 by Rémy Gautron and Jean-Claude Duchateau (French), on behalf of, respectively, ‘Fédération Presqu’île Environnement’ and ‘Association DECOS’, on environmental damage to a Natura 2000 protected site in Batz-sur-Mer, France

CM– PE 464,860/REV

FdR 1056118



Petition 1067/2011 by Europe Ecologie – Les Verts Bretagne (French Association), on marine pollution and accumulations of algae on the Breton coast

CM– PE 494,720/REV

FdR 1056131



Petition 0413/2012 by Petar Troyanski (Bulgarian), on behalf of the ‘Anna Politkovskaya’ Association for Free Speech, on alleged irregularities related to nuclear power plants in Bulgaria


PE 500,690/REV. II

FdR 1056149



Petition 0737/2012 by Martin Arnould (French), on behalf of WWF-France, on the projected reconstruction of the dam on the river Semène (Loire) in France

CM– PE 537,212

FdR 1056153



Petition 0193/2013 by Björn Biehler (German) concerning the forwarding of telecommunications and banking information to third countries by private businesses

CM– PE 554,671

FdR 1056156



Petition 0209/2013 by Matthias Ferrari (German) on fuel economy measures for automobiles


Petition 1338/2013 by Matthias Ferrari (German) on reducing car emissions

CM– PE 554,674

FdR 1056160



Petition 1448/2013 by Florian Strat (Romanian) on the fundamental right of access to public information

CM– PE 551.802

FdR 1052967



Petition 2260/2013 by Christian Dirk Ludwig (German) on the recognition of deafblindness as a stand-alone form of disability

CM– PE 554,645

FdR 1056119



Petition 2606/2013 by C. J. (German) on the ban on bird hunting


Petition 2885/2013 by Marcello dell’Eva (Italian) on behalf of the Caccia Movement, bearing 43 615 signatures, on the abolition of hunting

CM– PE 554,652

FdR 1056128



Petition 2759/2013 by Olivier Janssens (BE) on a projected wind farm in the municipalities of Gembloux and La Bruyère in Belgium

CM– PE 551.847

FdR 1053035

LT BE Perm Rep



Petition 2787/2013 by Fructuoso Pontigo Concha (Spanish), on behalf of Ecoloxista d´Asturies, on hydromorphological modifications along the rivers Esva, Nalòn, Narcea and Sella in Asturias, Spain

CM– PE 554,656

FdR 1056135



Petition 2807/2013 by Antonio Fabian Jiménez Jiménez (Spanish) on standardized recognition of all ALTE-based language diplomas throughout the EU

CM– PE 554,658

FdR 1056137



Petition 2844/2013 by Günter Bollbuck (German), on behalf of Bürgerinitiative Abwasser (citizens’ initiative on wastewater), on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the German federal state of Saxony

CM– PE 554,660

FdR 1056139



Petition 0011/2014 by Stefan Haase (German), on the announcement of Marie Curie fellowships only in English

CM– PE 554,663

FdR 1056142





o O o


56. Date and place of next meeting

·  22.06.2015, 15.00 – 18.30

·  23.06.2015, 9.00 – 12.30 and 15.00 – 18.30

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