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Parliamentary questions
3 April 2013
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Robert Sturdy (ECR)

 Subject:  Dog spinning in Bulgaria

The traditional practice of ‘dog spinning’ in Bulgaria recently came to my attention. To briefly summarise the practice, a dog is tied up with a wound-up rope and suspended above water and then the rope is released and the dog spins rapidly around. While this might not sound serious, the rope cuts into the armpits of the dog and it has difficulty breathing. The spin causes the dog to be disoriented and therefore, when it falls into the water, it breathes in water and in some cases drowns.

According to Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of theEuropean Union, animal welfare only falls under EU competence in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, transport, the internal market, research and technological development and space policies. Nonetheless, animal cruelty should not be condoned or permitted in the EU.

1. Is the Commission undertaking educational programmes aimed at balancing animal rights and cultural traditions in this area?

2. Does the Commission foresee any future actions to prevent these examples of animal cruelty from taking place in the European Union?

 OJ C 19 E, 22/01/2014
Last updated: 15 April 2013Legal notice