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PV 09/10/2008 - 3
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Explanations of votes

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Thursday, 9 October 2008 - Brussels OJ edition

3. Use by Parliament of the symbols of the Union (new Rule 202a) (debate)
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  Jim Allister (NI ). - Mr President, this Parliament wants these symbols for one reason only – to inflate its ego and attach the trappings of statehood to the EU.

I have a much better anthem and flag, thank you very much, and I am not about to trade them for the tawdry baubles of Eurofederalism. Ode to Joy , which we are going to purloin, may be a very nice tune, but so is Jingle Bells , and like Jingle Bells it heralds a fantasy, the fantasy that the EU is good for you. But unlike Jingle Bells , it will damage your national sovereignty and the right to control your own destiny. More like ‘code to destroy’ than Ode to Joy !

As for the flag, which we have stolen from the Council of Europe, even its proponents do not know what it means. We have as many explanations in the AFCO Committee as to what the stars signify as there are stars on the flag.

This proposal to me exposes the insatiable fanaticism of Europhiles. The ink was not dry on the Lisbon Treaty, which deliberately excluded these symbols, before there was an insistence that Parliament give them official status nonetheless.

My constituents do not want an EU flag and an EU anthem. They want the right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the Lisbon Treaty, thank you very much!

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