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Thursday, 15 January 2009 - Strasbourg OJ edition

2. Animal transport (debate)
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  Godfrey Bloom, on behalf of the IND/DEM Group. – Mr President, it is fascinating as always. No sense of irony again in this Chamber. One of the biggest problems that we have, particularly in the United Kingdom, is the monstrously stupid avalanche of rules and regulations that came to slaughterhouses 10 years ago which managed to close over 1 000 abattoirs in the United Kingdom and gave rise to much longer journey times for animals.

My brother-in-law is a butcher. He owns an abattoir in Yorkshire and at one stage – and this got into the Private Eye magazine – there was a visiting vet supervising a vet supervising a meat inspector supervising two slaughtermen! That is the sort of nonsense that you get when you are dealing with this organisation’s rules and regulations. The problem is journey times. Now from Bridlington in my constituency, pigs, sheep and cattle are being transported right the way across England to Manchester because of all these closures of slaughterhouses. That is what we need to address.

I am also talking about the transportation of horses. My colleague, Nigel Farage, tells me that there are countries in the European Union which actually regard horses as food! As an Englishman, I find it absolutely incredible that people would eat their horses. An Englishman would no more eat his horse than he would his dog or his children, but then I suppose that just shows the enormous cultural divide that there is between us and the other countries of this Union.


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