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 Full text 
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 - Strasbourg Revised edition

6.8. The role of the EU within the UN (A8-0308/2015 - Paavo Väyrynen)

  David Campbell Bannerman (ECR ). Mr President, I voted against this dangerous report, as it represents yet another EU power grab to usurp the sovereignty of democratic, elected Member State governments. This is all part of ʽever closer unionʼ and EU empire-building. Its call for ʽreform of the Security Council that would ensure a permanent seat to the EUʼ would force Britain and France to surrender their seats as permanent members of the UN Security Council. It would spell the end of Britain being at the heart of international security at the very time when the world faces such an unprecedented ISIS threat.

This is a hostile attack on Britain’s and France’s sovereignty and one we must resist and reject. We have already had to give up our seat at the World Trade Organization, and we cannot do our own trade deals. We must not now give Brussels our seat on the Security Council.

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