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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 - Strasbourg Revised edition

7. Preparation of the European Council meeting of 15 December 2016 (debate)
Video of the speeches

  Syed Kamall (ECR ), blue-card answer . – First of all, I would like to thank you for your question. I would also say how generous you are because you always apologise to me afterwards outside the Chamber for asking me a question, so that is very polite. Thank you. Your first question is about travel. It’s all very well saying let’s give kids free Interrail passes, but what the people actually want is the ability to have a job. They want a future, they want to think about themselves and their families. People want to work. With this gesture of giving a free Interrail pass, quite often it is the wealthy middle class kids who can afford it anyway. They can afford the food; they can afford to travel; and all you are doing is saving them a few hundred euros on the ticket. You talked about Brexit, but even though Britain is leaving the EU, we are still right next door to each other. It doesn’t stop people traveling and intermingling. You don’t need political integration for people to travel and meet each other. We can in fact be more global in this way.

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