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Procedura : 2016/2099(INI)
Przebieg prac nad dokumentem podczas sesji
Wybrany dokument :

Teksty złożone :


Debaty :

PV 27/04/2017 - 3
CRE 27/04/2017 - 3

Głosowanie :

PV 27/04/2017 - 5.67

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Czwartek, 27 kwietnia 2017 r. - Bruksela Wersja poprawiona

3. Sprawozdanie roczne z kontroli działalności finansowej EBI za rok 2015 - Sprawozdanie roczne z działalności finansowej Europejskiego Banku Inwestycyjnego (debata)
zapis wideo wystąpień

  Dariusz Rosati, on behalf of the PPE Group . – Madam President, Commissioner, President Hoyer, we are discussing the report on the Annual Report of the EIB for 2015, and let me say from the outset that this has been another successful year for the European Investment Bank.

In my opinion, the bank has been particularly successful and efficient in two areas. First, the implementation of the European Fund for Strategic Investment: as you said, after a difficult start, this has indeed been a success story. The second area is microfinance, which, indeed, with limited funds has been able to sustain a large number of jobs in the European Union. The focus of our report here in this discussion is how to increase investment, because investment is something which is very much needed in Europe.

In this context, let me raise two points. The first is that more attention should probably be paid to private-public partnerships. I think this is an important instrument to mobilise more resources, and is certainly a promising avenue to increase investment across Europe. The second point I would like to raise is geographical distribution, which I find still imbalanced. Much more money goes to the ‘old’ Member States, whereas the ‘new’ Member States account for less than 13% of total funding in 2015. I think we need a more balanced approach, especially as new Member States offer attractive investment opportunities in the Union, and that can be financed.

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