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 Full text 
Thursday, 15 June 2017 - Strasbourg Revised edition

8.1. Implementation of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (A8-0200/2017 - José Manuel Fernandes, Udo Bullmann)
Video of the speeches

  Daniel Hannan (ECR ). – Mr President, it is always about the money, is it not. How much time we spend in this Chamber talking about transfers of cash! We never think about the debilitating effect it can have on individuals, on whole professions, consultants and contractors, and the people who have learned how to make a living out of the Brussels institution, even on whole nations who are encouraged to look beyond their borders for every rise in life.

We have evolved a whole special vocabulary to talk about how we keep the money going round. For example, the word ‘greed’ is always used for somebody who has a claim on somebody else’s money. It is never used for somebody who wants to keep his own resources. The word ‘solidarity’ is used when we European politicians arrange a transfer.

I would make one warning, one note of caution. If you vote for politicians who have promised to give you somebody else’s money, do not complain when they take your money to spend on somebody else, or indeed to spend on themselves.

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