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 Full text 
Tuesday, 12 September 2017 - Strasbourg Revised edition

13. Situation in North Korea (debate)
Video of the speeches

  Neena Gill (S&D ). – Madam President, the whole world is quivering as we find ourselves caught between North Korean President Kim Jong-un playing boys’ games with nuclear weapons and a US President more eager to have a macho standoff than diffuse tensions. This is a lethal combination.

Yesterday the UN Security Council adopted the toughest sanctions on North Korea so far, and EU Foreign Affairs Ministers consider adopting additional restrictive measures. What we have to recognise is that, when you have a president with nuclear weapons who would rather let his people wither than commit to peace, sanctions alone will not cut it. The US, China and Russia are now leading the dance, but the EU could do so too. We have proved under the Vienna deal on Iran’s nuclear programme how our involvement and leadership can be crucial in turning around a situation of potentially devastating conflict and achieving peace and security for our citizens.

High Representative, I call upon you to listen to the citizens. They do not want fury and fire like the world has never seen, which was promised by the US President. That is why I call on you to go further than imposing sanctions and adopt a clear plan of action to be backed by the EU.

(The President cut off the speaker)

(The speaker agreed to take a blue-card question under Rule 162(8))

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