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 Vollständiger Text 
Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017 - Straßburg Überprüfte Ausgabe

5.1. Stand der Verhandlungen mit dem Vereinigten Königreich (B8-0538/2017 , B8-0539/2017 )
Video der Beiträge

  Neena Gill (S&D ). – Madam President, Michael Gove has promised that, as a result of Brexit, the UK will be able to export more pig’s ears to China. The Tory Government has certainly made a pig’s ear of these negotiations and what is quite clear is that they have run out of ideas completely. The Tories continue, distracted by a power tug-of-war, to steer us towards a cliff edge, promising three decades of damage to the UK economy. Yet many persist in the deluded belief that we can cherry-pick.

Parliament’s resolution is a much needed reality check. That is why I supported it. What is clear in my region, the West Midlands, is that no-deal means costs going up by 30% to 40% in dairy and meat and 10% in cars. That is why Labour is saying ‘no deal is no way’ – whereas we will deliver one that retains jobs and protects rights.

David Davis, as you know, having not even delivered on his own job at the moment, is talking about his retirement whilst millions of people living in the EU and the UK have no idea what their future may be.

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