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Debaty :

PV 13/12/2017 - 8
CRE 13/12/2017 - 8

Głosowanie :

PV 13/12/2017 - 13.1

Teksty przyjęte :

Środa, 13 grudzień 2017 r. - Strasburg Wersja poprawiona

8. Przygotowania do posiedzenia Rady Europejskiej w dniach 14 i 15 grudnia - Stan zaawansowania negocjacji ze Zjednoczonym Królestwem
zapis wideo wystąpień

  Danuta Maria Hübner (PPE ). – Madam President, last week the British Prime Minister managed to avoid a ‘no deal’ scenario but the risk remains and there is still a long way. We are at the beginning of an arduous, complex, intensive process of drafting the withdrawal agreement with a number of issues of relevance remaining outstanding. We also have ahead transition negotiations and the future relationship is still to be identified. The most difficult is yet to come.

The transition period raises many legal issues which will have to be considered with the highest caution. It will have to provide for connection with the future framework, foreseeable at that time, and the talks on transition will precede the negotiations on the future relationship, so there is no reason to call transition an implementation phase. But transition is not only about bridging with the future framework; it has its own challenges. It is true that there is no time to negotiate a bespoke transition agreement, so its major part will be the prolongation of the acquis, but it only looks simple.

We have to bear in mind that the EU acquis is strongly interdependent in a legally and politically complex way and this is a challenge in itself, but there will also be parts of the transition deal going beyond prolongation of the acquis, and this will require in my view a strong credible joint oversight mechanism with a strong role for the European Commission on our side.

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