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WORD 37k
14 February 2001
PE 300.221}
PE 300.239}
PE 300.250}
PE 301.278} RC1
pursuant to Rule 50(5) of the Rules of Procedure by
   Thomas Mann, Charles Tannock and Mary Banotti on behalf of the PPE-DE Group
   Margrietus J. van den Berg, Neena Gill and Erika Mann on behalf of the PSE Group
   Bob van den Bos and Baroness Ludford on behalf of the ELDR Group
   Marie Ann Isler Béguin and Jean Lambert on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group
   Joaquim Miranda and Sylviane Ainardi on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group
replacing the motions by the following groups:
   PSE (B5‑0112/2001),
   PPE-DE (B5‑0130/2001),
   GUE/NGL (B5‑0141/2001),
   ELDR (B5‑0151/2001),
on the earthquake in India

European Parliament resolution on the earthquake in India 

The European Parliament,

A.   whereas on 26 January the State of Gujarat in the west of India was hit by a devastating earthquake which killed thousands of people,

B.   whereas up to 1.2 million people have lost their homes and are currently displaced in the country,

C.   whereas the priority is to prevent epidemics and give assistance to the injured and homeless,

1.   Expresses its solidarity with the families of the victims and its deepest sorrow and regret to the Indian people, and takes note that this also affects many of the relatives who reside in EU Member States;

2.   Welcomes the decision of the Commission to release emergency aid of EUR 13 million to help victims of the disaster;

3.   Welcomes the multilateral emergency aid effort by the international community; calls on the Commission and Member States to coordinate their actions in the delivery of humanitarian aid to India;

4.   Stresses that part of the responsibility must be borne by builders who sacrificed the safety of buildings to profit; calls on the Indian authorities to prosecute those responsible for faults in buildings and to adopt adequate legislation on the safe construction of buildings;

5.   Calls on the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to provide a rapid response to the loan requests of the Indian Government and for consideration to be given to the long-term reconstruction needs of the region;

6.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council, the Parliament and Government of India and the Government of the Indian state of Gujarat.

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