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WORD 42k
14 March 2001
PE 301.351}
PE 301.363}
PE 301.371}
PE 303.010}
PE 303.019} RC1
pursuant to Rule 50(5) of the Rules of Procedure by
   the following Members: Hanja Maij-Weggen, Bernd Posselt and Geoffrey Van Orden, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group
   Carlos Candal, Richard Corbett, Christa Randzio-Plath, Neena Gill, Luis Berenguer Fuster and Margrietus J. van den Berg, on behalf of the PSE Group
   Jules Maaten, on behalf of the ELDR Group
   Nelly Maes and Joost Lagendijk, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group
   Luigi Vinci and Pernille Frahm, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group
replacing the motions by the following groups:
   PSE (B5‑0187/2001),
   ELDR (B5‑0199/2001),
   Verts/ALE (B5‑0207/2001),
   GUE/NGL (B5‑0217/2001),
   PPE-DE (B5‑0226/2001),
on the situation in Kalimantan

European Parliament resolution on the situation in Kalimantan 

The European Parliament,

–  having regard to its report on developing closer relations between Indonesia and the EU (A5-0323/2000),

–  having regard to its previous resolutions on Indonesia and notably on the violence in Timor, Atjeh, the Moluccas and Irian Jaya,

A.  appalled by the violence in the Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan, which has led to a large loss of life and property and led to a tragic flow of displaced persons,

B.  whereas this outbreak of violence is the latest in a series of periodic clashes and whereas the Suharto regime's policy of displacement and colonisation is to a large extent to blame for the situation,

C.  believing that the underlying grievances of the indigenous Dayak population over land and lack of political and economic opportunity must be adressed,

D.  whereas the Indonesian government has not yet been able to stop the violence in other regions of the country, resulting in a further increase in the numbers of displaced persons, who now total more than one million,

1.  Deeply regrets the extensive loss of life resulting from these intercommunal clashes, offers its condolences to the victims' families and urges the communities involved to halt the violence;

2.  Encourages the Indonesian authorities to continue their efforts to re-establish law and order, restore security and prevent any further violence not only in Kalimantan but also in Timor, Atjeh, the Moluccas and Irian Jaya;

3.  Calls on the Indonesian government to conduct the necessary administrative and judicial inquiries to ascertain the attitude taken by law enforcement officers during the massacres and whilst the refugees were leaving and calls on it to identify and bring to justice those who have caused regional unrest and human rights violations;

4.  Calls on the Indonesian authorities to take all possible steps to protect the Madurese and not to put obstacles in the way of international assistance to them and calls on the Commission urgently to come to the aid of 50 000 displaced persons who fled Kalimantan fearing the acts of violence;

5.  At the same time, calls on the Indonesian government to be sensitive to the concerns of the indigenous inhabitants of Kalimantan;

6.  Calls on the Commission to consider what aid it could provide to help combat poverty in Kalimantan and to ensure the development of this region;

7.  Asks all concerned groups in Indonesia to start negotiations on the solution of regional problems so as to prevent further bloodshed and mass population displacements;

8.  Invites the Council and the Commission to examine the possibility of helping the Indonesian government to restore security and confidence between the two communities in Kalimantan;

9.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission and the Government of Indonesia.

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