Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament
7th parliamentary term - December 2009


Rule 50 : Procedure with associated committees

Where a question of competence is referred to the Conference of Presidents pursuant to Rules 188(2) or 48, and the Conference of Presidents, on the basis of Annex VII, considers that the matter falls almost equally within the competence of two or more committees, or that different parts of the matter fall within the competence of two or more committees, Rule 49 shall apply with the following additional provisions:

-   the timetable shall be jointly agreed by the committees concerned;

-   the rapporteurs concerned shall keep each other informed and shall endeavour to agree on the texts they propose to their committees and on their position regarding amendments;

-   the Chairs and rapporteurs concerned shall jointly identify areas of the text falling within their exclusive or joint competence and agree on the precise arrangements for their cooperation. In the event of disagreement about the delimitation of competences the matter shall be submitted, at the request of one of the committees involved, to the Conference of Presidents, which may decide on the question of the respective competences or decide that the procedure with joint committee meetings under Rule 51 is to apply; the second subparagraph of Rule 188(2) shall apply mutatis mutandis ;

-   the committee responsible shall accept without a vote amendments from an associated committee where they concern matters which fall within the exclusive competence of the associated committee. If amendments on matters which fall within the joint competence of the committee responsible and an associated committee are rejected by the former, the latter may table those amendments directly in plenary;

-   in the event of a conciliation procedure taking place on the proposal, Parliament's delegation shall include the rapporteur of any associated committee.

The wording of this Rule does not lay down any limits to its scope. Requests for application of the procedure with associated committees concerning non-legislative reports based on Rules 48(1) and 119(1) and (2) are admissible.

For the purposes of examining international agreements under Rule 90, the procedure with associated committees set out in this Rule may not be applied in relation to the consent procedure under Rule 81.

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