Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament
7th parliamentary term - December 2009


Rule 75 b : Consideration of the draft budget - first stage

1.   Subject to the conditions set out below, any Member may table and speak in support of draft amendments to the draft budget.

2.   Draft amendments shall be admissible only if they are presented in writing, bear the signatures of at least 40 Members or are tabled on behalf of a political group or committee, specify the budget heading to which they refer and ensure the maintenance of a balance between revenue and expenditure. Draft amendments shall include all relevant information on the remarks to be entered against the budget heading in question.

All draft amendments to the draft budget must be justified in writing.

3.   The President shall set the time limit for the tabling of draft amendments.

4.   The committee responsible shall deliver its opinion on the texts submitted before they are discussed in Parliament.

Draft amendments which have been rejected in the committee responsible shall not be put to the vote in Parliament unless this has been requested in writing, before a deadline to be set by the President, by a committee or at least 40 Members; that deadline may on no account be less than 24 hours before the start of the vote.

5.   Draft amendments to the estimates of Parliament which are similar to those already rejected by Parliament at the time when the estimates were drawn up shall be discussed only where the committee responsible has delivered a favourable opinion.

6.   Notwithstanding Rule 55(2) of the Rules of Procedure, Parliament shall take separate and successive votes on:

-   each draft amendment,

-   each section of the draft budget,

-   a motion for a resolution concerning the draft budget.

However, Rule 161(4) to (8) shall apply.

7.   Articles, chapters, titles and sections of the draft budget in respect of which no draft amendments have been tabled shall be deemed adopted.

8.   Draft amendments shall require for adoption the votes of a majority of the component Members of Parliament.

9.   If Parliament has amended the draft budget, the draft budget thus amended shall be forwarded to the Council and the Commission, together with the justifications.

10.   The minutes of the sitting at which Parliament delivered its opinion on the draft budget shall be forwarded to the Council and the Commission.

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