Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament
7th parliamentary term - December 2009


Rule 170 : Explanations of vote

1.   Once the general debate has been concluded, any Member may give an oral explanation on the final vote for not longer than one minute or give a written explanation of no more than 200 words, which shall be included in the verbatim report of proceedings.

Any political group may give an explanation of vote lasting not more than two minutes.

No further requests to give explanations of vote shall be accepted once the first explanation of vote has begun.

Explanations of vote are admissible on the final vote on any subject submitted to Parliament. For the purposes of this Rule the term "final vote" does not refer to the type of vote, but means the last vote on any item.

2.   Explanations of vote shall not be admissible in the case of votes on procedural matters.

3.   Where a proposal for a legislative act or a report has been included on the agenda of Parliament pursuant to Rule 138, Members may submit written explanations of vote in accordance with paragraph 1.

Explanations of vote given either orally or in writing must have a direct bearing on the text being put to the vote.

Last updated: 30 November 2009Legal notice