Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament
7th parliamentary term - March 2011


Rule 9 : Members' financial interests, standards of conduct and access to Parliament

1.   Parliament shall lay down rules governing the transparency of its Members' financial interests, which shall be attached to these Rules of Procedure as an annex(1) .

Those rules shall not in any way prejudice or restrict Members in the exercise of their office or of any related political or other activity.

2.   Members’ conduct shall be characterised by mutual respect, be based on the values and principles laid down in the basic texts on which the European Union is founded, respect the dignity of Parliament and not compromise the smooth conduct of parliamentary business or disturb the peace and quiet of any of Parliament's premises. Members shall comply with Parliament's rules on the treatment of confidential information.

Failure to comply with those standards and rules may lead to application of measures in accordance with Rules 152, 153 and 154.

3.   The application of this Rule shall in no way detract from the liveliness of parliamentary debates nor undermine Members’ freedom of speech.

It shall be based on full respect for Members’ prerogatives, as laid down in primary law and the Statute for Members.

It shall be based on the principle of transparency and be so undertaken that the relevant provisions are made clear to Members, who shall be informed individually of their rights and obligations.

4.   The Quaestors shall be responsible for issuing nominative passes valid for a maximum of one year to persons who wish to enter Parliament's premises frequently in order to supply information to Members within the framework of their parliamentary mandate in their own interests or those of third parties.

In return, those persons shall be required to:

-   respect the code of conduct published as an annex to these Rules of Procedure(2) ;

-   sign a register kept by the Quaestors.

That register shall be made available to the public on request in all of Parliament's places of work and, in the form laid down by the Quaestors, in its information offices in the Member States.

The provisions governing the application of this paragraph shall be laid down in an annex to these Rules of Procedure(3) .

5.   The code of conduct and the rights and privileges of former Members shall be laid down by a decision of the Bureau. No distinction shall be made in the treatment of former Members.

(1)See Annex I.
(2)See Annex X.
(3)See Annex X.
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