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Parliamentary questions
29 April 2004
WRITTEN QUESTION by Paul Lannoye (Verts/ALE) to the Commission

Question which has lapsed pursuant to Rule 185 of Parliament's Rules of Procedure.

 Subject: HAARP project and Commission follow-up to the resolution adopted by Parliament in 1999

In its resolution of 28 January 1999 on the environment, security and foreign policy (A4-0005/99)(1), Parliament stated that the HAARP project was manipulating the environment for military ends (recital R) and called for there to be a STOA examination of HAARP, as a global concern (paragraph 24), in order to assess the impact on the local and global environment and on public health in general.

In paragraph 26, Parliament called on the Commission to examine the possible environmental and public health implications of the HAARP programme for Arctic Europe and to report back to Parliament with its findings. Five years later, I am not aware of the existence of any such report.

Would the Commission explain what initiatives have been taken regarding this affair?

(1)OJ C 128, 07.05.1999, p. 92.

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