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Parliamentary questions
31 January 2007
WRITTEN QUESTION by Malcolm Harbour (PPE‑DE) and Charles Tannock (PPE‑DE) to the Commission

 Subject: Human rights abuse in Turkmenistan

In 2002, Geldy Kyarizov, former Horse Minister for the Government of Turkmenistan, was arrested without a warrant under charges of stealing horses (which were later determined to be his own property) from the Presidential stables and mismanaging the duties of his office. Threatened with torture, he appeared on State television admitting his alleged crimes. In the course of his trial and subsequent imprisonment, he suffered two heart attacks and two strokes. In prison, he was allegedly denied food, medical care, sanitation and visiting privileges. His family have now completely lost contact with Mr Kyarizov and last December they were told that he died under torture, although this information has not been confirmed.

Would the Commission seek clarification from the Government of Turkmenistan on the current situation of Mr Kyarizov?

 OJ C 293, 05/12/2007
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