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Parliamentary questions
19 June 2008
WRITTEN QUESTION by Neena Gill (PSE) to the Commission

 Subject: Increased prevalence of hepatitis B in Europe

Every year, 1 million people in Europe are newly infected with the hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis is a disease which is 100 times more infectious than HIV. Over 14 million people live with chronic hepatitis B and up to 36000 deaths are attributable to HBV every year in Europe.

Given that hepatitis is one of the European Centre for Disease Control’s priorities for 2008, can the Commission outline what work is under way to address the increased prevalence of hepatitis B in Europe?

What policy initiatives does the European Commission envisage to tackle this health threat?

 OJ C 40, 18/02/2009
OJ C 999, 01/01/2009
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