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Parliamentary questions
12 June 2006
WRITTEN QUESTION by Neena Gill (PSE) to the Commission

 Subject: Promoting respect for the welfare of animals abroad

Several of my constituents have written to me, concerned about international cases of severe cruelty to animals, for example the horrific treatment of strays in the Ukraine, and the animal suffering linked to the dog and cat fur trade in China.

The EU is the world's largest donor of external aid and, as such, should be able to wield significant influence on inhumane practices in receiving countries. Can the Commission tell me whether it has considered imposing smart sanctions on the worst offending countries to raise awareness on this issue? Educational programmes might be another solution to increase understanding? If the Commission has not considered these options, can it now assure me that they will be investigated?

 OJ C 328, 30/12/2006
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