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Parliamentary questions
14 January 2014
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Andrey Kovatchev (PPE) , Peter Liese (PPE) , Alojz Peterle (PPE) , Françoise Grossetête (PPE) , Petru Constantin Luhan (PPE) , Claudette Abela Baldacchino (S&D)

 Subject:  Role of the Commission in advancing efforts to ensure universal access to high‐ quality, people-centred health services for patients

Following the conference held during the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council on Sustainable Health Systems for Inclusive Growth in Europe, and the resulting ‘Vilnius Declaration’, which calls for universal access to high-quality, people-centred health services and a partnership approach to identify effective solutions to improve equity of access, what role can the Commission play in advancing this work, in particular as regards measuring, evaluating, comparing and improving such access across and within EU Member States?

 OJ C 284, 26/08/2014
Ultimo aggiornamento: 11 febbraio 2014Avviso legale