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Agenda - updated version
StrasbourgMonday, 14 December 2009 - Thursday, 17 December 2009
Wednesday 16 December 2009
Items on the agenda
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Items on the agenda
9:00 - 11:20
   theme Joint debate - Results of the Swedish Presidency and outcome of the last European Council
20   theme Council statement - Results of the Swedish Presidency
21   theme European Council report and Commission statement - Outcome of the European Council on 10 and 11 December 2009
   theme End of joint debate
11:30 - 12:00
22  point Votes
5   - Report: Reimer Böge (A7-0079/2009) - Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: Sweden - Volvo; Austria - Steiermark; Netherlands - Heijmans
on the proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council on mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, in accordance with point 28 of the Interinstitutional Agreement of 17 May 2006 between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission on budgetary discipline and sound financial management
[COM(2009)0602 - C7-0254/2009 - 2009/2183(BUD)]

Committee on Budgets
11   - Report: Jutta Haug (A7-0081/2009) - Draft amending budget No 10/2009 of the European Union for the financial year 2009, Section III – Commission
on the draft amending budget No 10/2009 of the European Union for the financial year 2009, Section III – Commission
[16327/2009 - C7-0288/2009 - 2009/2185(BUD)]

Committee on Budgets
13   - Report: Klaus-Heiner Lehne (A7-0073/2009) - Verification of credentials
on the verification of credentials

Committee on Legal Affairs
51   - Motions for resolutions - Prospects for the Doha Development Agenda following the Seventh WTO Ministerial Conference
RC B7-0188/2009, B7-0188/2009, B7-0189/2009, B7-0192/2009, B7-0196/2009, B7-0199/2009
52   - Motion for a resolution - Restrictive measures affecting the rights of individuals following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty
12:00 - 12:30
24  point Award of Sakharov Prize - 2009
Award of the Sakharov Prize to MEMORIAL (Oleg Orlov, Sergei Kovalev and Lyudmila Alexeyeva), an organisation promoting fundamental rights in the States of the former Soviet Union
12:30 - 13:00
25  point Continuation of votes
15:00 - 18:00
26  point Council and Commission statements - New EU action plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan
27  point Council and Commission statements - Belarus
28  point Council and Commission statements - Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo
18:00 - 19:00
29  point Question Time (Council) (B7-0236/2009)
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