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Thursday, 14 December 2006 - StrasbourgOJ edition

Question no 92 by Bill Newton Dunn (H-1025/06 )  
 Subject: Study to discover the feasibility of and obstacles to the creation of a federal police force for the EU

Following Parliament's first reading of the 2007 Commission proposed budget, in which my amendment 909 was approved by a large majority of over 300 votes, the Commission commented to Parliament's Budgets Committee that ‘it believes that such a study is covered by the work of EuroPol.’

Will the Commission therefore kindly provide details of any study which EuroPol has ever made ‘to discover the feasibility of and obstacles to the creation of a federal police force for the EU’?


(EN) The Commission would like to clarify its comment on amendment 909 tabled by the Honourable Member.

The Commission does not favour undertaking a feasibility study on the creation of a Federal Police Force because it fully supports EUROPOL in the performance of its present mandate and backs the developments under way which are geared towards ensuring that EUROPOL is fit to meet future challenges.

A wide-ranging debate on the future of EUROPOL was launched this year under the Austrian presidency of the Council. The discussions that ensued highlighted that there was indeed scope for improvement in terms of this body's operation.

The Commission fully shares the views of those who think that Europol should be a police agency aimed at gathering and disseminating police information in support of the law enforcement agencies of the Member States rather than an agency with coercive powers. It intends to submit a proposal recasting Europol as soon as possible.

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